What’s New On GEMP – August 20, 2018

Greetings players,

An update was deployed to GEMP early this morning that includes the following cards from Set 9:

  • Yoxgit (V)
  • General Dodonna (V)

Additionally, some bug fixes are being deployed to fix issues with the following cards:

  • They Have No Idea We’re Coming
  • Commence Primary Ignition (V)
  • Stardust

Remaining Set 9 cards to release in GEMP are:

  • There Is Another
  • Prepare For A Surface Attack

The reason Prepare For A Surface Attack is not completed is because in creating this card a new bug was discovered relating to an old card. The team wants to fix that bug before releasing this. There Is Another requires a good number of updates and testing to various objectives, so that one is taking a bit longer as well.

With Set 9 just about done, one of our next priorities will be feature requests. We have a lot to get through, but if you have idea on how to improve the GEMP experience, feel free to share them here:



Matt Carulli
Multimedia and Special Projects Advocate