What’s New On GEMP – August 15, 2018

Greetings players,

An update was deployed to GEMP early this morning that includes the following cards from Set 9:

  • Chief Bast (V)
  • Dr. Chelli Lona Aphra
  • An Inkling Of Its Destructive Potential
  • Commence Primary Ignition (V)
  • Vanee
  • Knights Of The Old Republic
  • Red 5
  • Scarif
  • Scarif: Beach
  • Scarif: Data Vault
  • Scarif: Turbolift Complex
  • Stardust
  • They Have No Idea We’re Coming

Additionally, some bug fixes are being deployed to fix issues with the following cards:

  • They Will Be No Match For You (V)
  • Galen Erso
  • General Walex Blissex (V)

Remaining Set 9 cards to release in GEMP are:

  • Prepare For A Surface Attack (V)
  • General Dodonna (V)
  • There Is Another
  • Yoxgit (V)

The above cards will be released as soon as the team can. We are all excited to complete Set 9 though, and move on to other additions to GEMP!

I hope you enjoy playing with the new cards!


Matt Carulli
Multimedia and Special Projects Advocate