Volunteer with the SWCCG Players Committee

Thank you for your interest in the Star Wars Customizable Card Game.

The Player's Committee is always looking for additional volunteers. There are many areas for which help is needed, and no level of playing accomplishments or available time to contribute is too little. If you find yourself in a position to contribute towards the various efforts and initiatives of the Player's Committee (examples of which are briefly described below), we recommend sending an eMail to scott@starwarsccg.org and telling us a bit about your background, your ambitions, your skills and a fun fact about you within this game we all love - a game that is still going strong after almost 20 years and is primarily propelled by strictly volunteer efforts.

Marketing & Communications

Social Media management (Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, Slack, Discord), Prize Support generation and distribution, Streaming/Commentating of live and online events, Cultivating New and Returning Players involvement in the game (i.e., Primers and Tutorials subforum), Conveying significant news in the community through appropriate channels


Gemp (Online Play) Programming Development, Resource Management (such as vKit and Scomp Link Access), Website infrastructure, and Website Maintenance

Design & Development

Playtesting Team (new cards), Player Card Development, Dream Card Forum monitoring and collaboration

Forum Moderation

Optimizing Forums layout & functionality, Monitoring for any Terms of Service violations, Troubleshooting issues (e.g., user access)


Preparing PDF's of New Virtual Cards, Corresponding with Cosplayers for Virtual Card Art, Developing Logos, Banners & Promotional Materials

Rules & Proofing

Referencing Advanced Rulebook and Current Rulings to answer rules questions, Developing next version of the Advanced Rulebook, Collaborating with the Development Team for "Bug" determination and resolution, Collaborating with Design & Development for new/errata'ed card wording/functionality consistency, Formatting & uploading deck lists for major events to website


Organizing and running live and online Events, Addressing competitive play interactions, Continually generating new event concepts (i.e., alternative formats besides Open) for all types of players and improving planning and execution processes, Maintaining the Player Locator subforum, Recording/maintaining Gameplay "recordbooks"/history