v13 Released and some new Alternate Images vslips

D&D and the Advocates are beyond thrilled to get the latest set out to you and, as always want to thank the invaluable volunteers who made it possible – from the playtesters, to the proofers, to the GEMP coders to the graphics folks (and even the people who have been bugged by my random slack messages asking about Star Wars canon or opinions on things).

So, we hope you all get to do that Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs (when you round down) and never stop hunting those padawans!

In addition, this past Halloween, we have seen some people getting to leave their isolation places so long as they dressed up in costumes. So some of our more familiar characters – namely Mace Windu, Yoda and even Darth Maul – asked us, “If we dressed up as other SWCCG cards, can we leave these dusty binders and jump into some decks?” Never one to say no to a Sith Lord, I’m very pleased that the Advocate Council has taken extraordinarily careful consideration on a number of factors and ultimately decided that the following cards may also be used as underlying cards for existing Star Wars CCG cards:
– Darth Maul, Young Apprentice (regular version OR AI) may be used as the underlying card for Darth Maul, Lone Hunter
– Mace Windu, Jedi Master (regular version OR AI) may be used as the underlying card for Mace Windu (V)
– Yoda, Senior Council Member (regular version OR AI) may be used as the underlying card for Yoda, Keeper Of The Peace

The reasoning for this, in a nutshell, is that these three Decipher cards are very iconic in the history of the game (especially given their collectability and the inherent allure of being a Decipher Alternate Image card) and yet are so rare and/or expensive that they were very likely never going to be virtualized themselves as their own card. Additionally, in completely good faith, the three virtual versions were created and placed on acceptable underlying cards (which still will remain valid – so no one at all is required to get the more expensive rare versions; you may continue to use the original underlying cards if you wish!), which also cut against the need to then virtualize these cards. Yet nevertheless, these cards should see some table play and not be relegated to collector’s binders when a no-lose alternative such as this is a possibility. And one other consideration was that this decision would not negatively impact the value of the Coruscant or Theed Palace rares (rather, it very well may increase the value or at least maintain their value, whereas failing to ever address them in our Virtual Card world may adversely impact their value). Also, it would not likely have any negative impact on the value of the original underlying cards. With those considerations in mind, in these three specific instances (and likely no others based on the current card pool), releasing these as legal AIs remained consistent with our mandates and obligations and also seemed like a way of pleasing the “collectors” of our game while still remaining sensitive to those who love to play cards without having access to all of the premium cards. In other words, the PC felt this was a compromise in our mission to (generally) make the underlying virtual card an easily accessible one where possible and also to satisfy the large number of players in our community who have been faithful collectors of our game.

Alternate Image AIs can be downloaded here and Virtual Set 13 can be downloaded here!

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