Tournament Software FAQ

What Web Browser should I use?

The Tournament Software is testing in Google Chrome and only guaranteed to work with that browser.

What is the difference between Online and Offline mode?

In online mode, whenever you save your tournament data, that data is saved up to the Player’s Committee server.

In offline mode, anyone can run a tournament, even without an active internet connection!  All of the data is stored in a special place inside your browser. Continue reading below for more info...

Wait...How does a website work without an internet connection?’s confusing, but stick with me.  Here’s what you do:

  1. Connect to the internet and launch the website.
  2. Click “refresh” on your browser 3 times, just to make sure your browser has the latest version of the software
  3. Now, disable your internet, pull the plug, whatever you want.  You can even close your browser.
  4. Now, with the internet off, go ahead and try to visit the tournament software website again. You’ll notice that even without a connection, you can still use the site.  This website uses a cool feature in modern browsers that lets you run the website in this offline mode. Basically, the browser knows this is a special site and keeps a copy of the software locally to use.

What happens if I use ONLINE mode, but my internet connection drops out in the middle of the tournament?

No problem!  Whenever you click “Save Data”, the data is saved to 2 places:

  • The PC Server (when in online mode)
  • Your Browser’s data storage

If you lose your internet connection, the system will start operating in ‘offline’ mode.  You can continue to run the tournament, but your data will continue to be saved only in your browser.  Whenever you get your internet connection back, go ahead and toggle back into ONLINE mode again and click “Save Data”.  At that point, you are back running fully online again.

How do I get a username and password for the site?

If you are an official Tournament Director, please contact the PC to get your own username and password for the software.

If I’m not an official TD, how do I use the site?

Always select “offline” mode!  Don’t worry, the site is still fully-functional!

How do I DROP a player?

Next to the player’s name, there is a link “Edit Player”. Click on that link. From this screen, you can change the player’s status from “Active” to “Dropped”.  That player will no longer be used in any subsequent pairings.

I think the pairings are wrong.  Why did it do that?!?!

Click on the “Pairing Log” button.  This popup will tell you EXACTLY what it did, step-by-step using the process defined in the official tournament guide.

How can I post these results to the SWCCG PC’s forums?

Easy!  In the “Games” section, click on the “Print” button.  Don’t worry, it won’t print out just yet. When your browser brings up the ‘print’ menu, just click cancel.  Now, you’ll see a nice window showing all of the current pairings, as well as the winner listed after each game.  You can just copy-paste this data directly to the PC’s site!

What’s the “Export Data” button for?

That feature is primarily there for debugging purposes.  If you ever run into something odd that you want our developers to check out, click “Export Data” and then send us the file that it automatically generates and downloads.

Any last-minute advice?

  • If you are hosting a tournament, please try out the software a few days ahead of time in the same environment you will be using at the tournament. For example, if you are going to run it in offline mode, test it with the WIFI on your laptop off, etc.
  • Save Often!   The system doesn’t automatically save, so save every time you enter new results.
  • Always keep paper-backups, just in case.  Although things have been tested by many people, it’s always best to keep paper copies around just in case something bad happens.