Tournament Guide Update – Version 2.2 Now Available

The Tournament Guide has received an official update to incorporate several recent changes and quality of life improvements. Check out the link below under “Tournament Files” to access the latest PDF.

Tournament Resources

Here is a list of the major changes:

  • Section 2.2.1: added statement that you can’t ask a judge for game text of a card not on table or in hand.
  • Section 2.2.2: added section about Active Judging
  • Section 2.2.3: added section about fixing illegal board states
  • Section 2.5: tweaked part about marked cards to say “must be replaced” instead of “may be replaced”
  • Section 2.6: updated the wording on Unofficial AIs per 2017 Survey Results announcement to say “will be asked to remove them” instead of “may be asked to remove them”
  • Section 3.5: removed a statement requiring that the Tournament Director be assigned the first round BYE during an event they are participating in.
  • Section 3.6: expanded the round timing section to include timing for match play, with strong suggestion that all matches should be played with equal round timing, and any exceptions to this are at the discretion of the TD.
  • Section 3.7: cleaned up the pairings instructions to include methodology for SOS tournament pairings.
  • Section 3.8.1/3.10: tweaked these sections to add/refine rules of sabacc as a final tiebreaker
  • Section 3.8.2: added a section about being able to concede games
  • Section 3.12: defined Level of tournament events, added a statement defining Majors, and another statement clarifying that the event should be in the appropriate location where the event says it is, i.e. States should be held in the state the tournament is being held in, etc.
  • Section 3.14: removed Section about Day 2 BYEs, added voucher explanation
  • Section 3.15: added part about the required waiver and feature matches
  • Section 4.1.1: changed wording to say how decklists are required for Level 2+ events, added statement that they will be released publically (but not between days 1/2, per survey decision)
  • Section 4.2: clarified that having the underlying card for a v-card is part of the deck check
  • Section 4.3: changed the wording to emphasize that although the card owner is primarily response for performing/enforcing actions, both players are responsible for performing/enforcing any mandatory or automatic actions of a card on table, regardless of owner
  • Section 4.7: tweaked section to indicate that interference (by the TD or a judge only) is allowed under Active Judging
  • Section 4.8.2: similar to 4.3, added verbiage to clarify that players need to follow game text of all cards
  • Section 4.8.3: defined cheating

Thanks to the Tournament Committee for their help in getting these new items incorporated!

As always, let us know if you have any questions or comments!

Thanks and MTFBWY,
-The Advocates