The NARP Fortnightly #20: New Cards and Demo Decks

Hi everyone,

I know it hasn’t been a full fortnight since the last article, but I was asked to discuss the new demo decks and premium cards as part of the week-long rollout the PC is undertaking.

You’ve probably heard by now, but the PC has released a pair of demo decks, an effort spearheaded by our own Euro Emperor, Chris Menzel. It has some important differences from previous “starter” products in the game’s history, based on important lessons learned from those products.

First, no more fighting with Jawas, Tauntaun Handlers, or watered-down versions of main characters. The new demo decks are packed with powerful versions of the Star Wars characters you know and love: Han, Luke, Leia, Obi-Wan, and others for Light Side. Vader, Tarkin, the Emperor, Jabba, and others for Dark Side. There’s no longer an artificial “learning curve” where you’re expected to play with weaker cards while learning the game. New players will be exposed to many of the same powerful cards that show up in the top-tier decks at major tournaments.

Second, the same philosophy holds true for space. In the early days of SWCCG, introductory products didn’t even include systems or starships, but there’s no reason not to expose new players to all aspects of the game. The new demo decks include Star Wars icons such as the Tantive IV, Star Destroyers, Home One, and even Boba Fett In Slave I.

Third, and most important, these decks are absolutely free. Simply print them out, cut out the cards, and put them into card sleeves in front of any cards you want. As long as you have access to printer, scissors, and card sleeves, you can get your friends into SWCCG, or even pick it up yourself if you’ve been considering it.

Some of the trickier and more esoteric aspects of the game are not included, however—probably for the best. There are no maintenance cards or defensive shields, for example.

I encourage everyone to give these decks a try. Having tested them out at the MPC, I can vouch that they are a lot of fun, and a great tool for teaching new players.

Card of the Fortnight

In addition to the demo decks (which have red and green borders and are not tournament legal), the PC also released four premium cards which are fully tournament legal. These cards are also included in the demo decks, but if you want to put them into your tournament decks, just cut out the black-bordered slips.

Twin Suns Of Tatooine/Well Trained In The Jedi Arts

This objective is similar to Imperial Entanglements, but without the free Devastator to start the game, and no restrictions on the characters you can use. Unlike IE, you can do damage with Tatooine Occupation without needing to flip the objective. But if you flip it (by having several Dark Jedi in your deck), you can pull Occupation, get some extra card advantage, and limit your opponent’s mobility on Tatooine.

I’m not sure this will see tournament play, as starting with the Devastator on table is a huge advantage. But Twin Suns is a more straightforward platform for teaching new players. It opens up some interesting new options, and I can’t wait to see what players come up with.

City In The Clouds/You Truly Belong Here With Us

The Light Side objective is similar to Quiet Mining Colony, but without the advantages of Beldon’s Eye (V) or Keeping The Empire Out Forever. Instead, the flip side of the objective lets you pull an interrupt from your Reserve Deck every turn. Additionally, flipping isn’t strictly necessary, as your drains aren’t capped at 1 as with QMC.

Like Twin Suns, this isn’t terribly likely to see a lot of competitive play, but it is much easier to pick up and learn than QMC. The last two cards, however, will almost certainly see tournament play:

Ahsoka Tano With Lightsabers
Asajj Ventress With Lightsabers

These new permanent-weapon characters give each side a fourth option for “EPP” characters with lightsabers, and for some decks like Old Allies and We Have A Plan, it is their first or second option for this character type. Their ability to swing at two characters makes them potent options for clearing your opponent’s stack of scouts or stormtroopers. These should find their way into a wide variety of decks, and I look forward to trying them out for myself.

That’s it for this fortnight. Until next time…

Peace, Love, and High Destinies,
-Lenny (lsrubin)