SWCCGPC Twitch Subscription Incentive Program Continues into 2021

The Star Wars CCG Players Committee will continue to administer its Twitch Subscription Incentive Program for 2021. As in prior years, those Twitch users who subscribe to the PC either by paid subscriptions or via free Prime Gaming subscriptions will receive exclusive foil virtual slips and PC poker chips.

This program is a win-win-win for all involved: 

  1. Subscriptions to the twitch.tv/swccgpc channel earn money for the PC, and such fundraising is put directly into future streaming/commentary efforts,
  2. You as a subscriber will receive exclusive incentives from the PC,
  3. The Game as a whole gets more exposure and its presence on social media will grow. 

The full details for the program can be found here: Twitch Subscription incentive Program – 2021.

May the Force Be With You! And see you on Twitch!

-The PC Social Media Team