Set 8 is released

Set 8 is officially released and tournament legal as of 14th December (unless the tournament director has been approved for an exception). Check it out here:

Thanks to D&D, the graphics, proofing, and the playtesting teams for all their hard work!

Even with so many people working on the set, sometimes errors occur. We have just learned of a thematic error in a card just-released in Set 8. Due to a previous error that has since been corrected on Wookieepedia, the character of Resdox in official Star Wars lore is actually a Resistance officer, not a member of the First Order. When this card was designed, we used Wookieepedia as a reference for all cards we design. While it is not a perfect source, it is accurate 99% of the time. Unfortunately, this time it caused an error in a just-released card.

We are still exploring our options for rectifying this error, but our goal is to make a change that has absolutely no impact on game play. Therefore, the SWCCG card Vice Admiral Resdox will be changed in the near future to a different First Order Admiral with identical game text that does not share a persona with an existing card. Our goal is to update this error before the Match Play Championship begins on January 5th.

Additionally, we noted an inconsistency with the name of the 7 side of the I Want That Map Objective, “And Now You Will Give It To Me.” The Starkiller Base: Interrogation Room gave the card’s name as “And Now You’ll Give It To Me,” and we have updated the name of the objective to include the contraction instead. This has already been updated in the official PDF.

The PC and Advocates regret this error, and thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Please enjoy the Set and the many new deck possibilities!

Chris Menzel
marketing Advocate