Set 7 Released

Set 7 is here, and it features rebellious characters from Rogue One, Episode VII and the Rebels TV series. The Dark Side is also supported by favorite villains Director Krennic, Thrawn, holographic Snoke, as well as Episode VII pirates and Maul’s little brother Savage Opress from the Clone Wars.

Find Set 7 here.

The complete set 7 has also been previewd in the latest Design Blog.
You will also find some info about the Competitive Balance Team (CBT) and it’s errata on the Imperial Entanglements (V) objective in that blog.

And last but not least make sure to check out the latest edition of Holonet Transmissions, where design member Chris Kelly is interviewed in a podcast by Camden Yanaga. He will reveal some info about the design process of set 7 and gives a little glimpse at et 8.

May the Force be with you

Chris Menzel

Marketing Advocate