Set 4 officially released

It is with great excitement that the Player’s Committee is proud to present Virtual Set 4 – featuring heroes and villains from The Force Awakens.

This set was particularly challenging for a multitude of reasons, but the end result bears out of the love that all of our volunteers show for the game and for the community. They deserve all the thanks you guys have been posting. Special thanks needs to go out to Jarad Konsker and the Design Team, our Developers, the testing community (who kept on testing despite a lot of changes), the proofers (who struggled and succeeded in getting wording to match sometimes hard to grasp intent)… Tim Simon and the rules team (for figuring out how flip cards could work) and of course, Jeremy Gardener for making everything look so pretty.

The spoiler reveal for this set has been one of the most positive receptions I have seen, and I hope gameplay experiences match that as people start to play this weekend. Two things to note are the major changes since spoiler time. First, we changed some wording on the 0 side of Old Allies to help even out the matchups between it and Hunt Down and Black Sun. Hunt Down in particular was something we’ve been watching for a while (early versions of BB8 helped out that matchup) but we felt the matchups were a little too lopsided and think game experiences will be improved with this new wording. Second, we changed the underlying card to Slight Weapons Malfuncition to Keep Your Eyes Open, which is unplayable on WYS’ 7 side. It also lost its once per game text, a relatively recent addition. We didn’t really like the OPG text and felt this would be a good way to limit its use in an already strong “scrub” platform.

Have fun reliving the first part of the Force Awakens, and look forward to more to come from Design… but first, we have a good bit of player cards that we want to see released first.

The entire set is legal for tournament use starting Saturday July 2. Have fun!