Set 2 Release Date & Final Changes

Hi everyone,

I didn’t want to formally write again until I had some clear news about Set 2, but the time to talk is now.  Since my last post, we’ve had some cards change text, and I’ve updated them on their own threads and on the master list, without much fanfare.  Today, we had what I believe will be the last two changes for Set 2.

all changes can be seen here on the Master List thread:

First, Like My Father Before Me has updated text.  We removed the Interrupt pull and went back to a conditional activation text.  Second, the player creator has chosen to pull Grievous from the set to work on him some more.  This is never an easy decision, but I think the card overall will be much stronger when it does see release.

Of greatest interest, the question of when Set 2 will release has an answer – July 17.  It is our plan to have the PDF ready for immediate use in games in a little over 2 weeks – and maybe sooner.

I’m now going to shift focus and look more into Set 3.  There has been a lot of good discussion about the public PT experiment, and I do think it deserves a set where I am firmly at the helm.  We’ll see how this works, but I want to publicly thank those who did test and who did report, especially Lenny Rubin (lsrubin) and Tom Haid (Xanth) – their effort really stood out to me and I greatly appreciate their efforts!