Set 2 Plans

Greetings, Star Wars players!

Sorry for the delay in getting this info posted!  Catching up took longer than I expected, and I had to go make some deliveries this morning, but I’m here now ready to catch you up on what’s going on with Set 2.

The plan is for Set 2 to be released and legal for play at Worlds.  BUT the set isn’t going to be what you see on the master list at this moment.  EDIT More precisely, it going to be less than what you see on the ML at this time.  We are in the midst of cutting the set down to its final form.

Since we are in the midst of this experimental public playtesting process, the average player might not know this, but typically as we near a release date we start cutting cards from the set that we don’t feel are close enough to release.  I’m starting that process now with Development.  What this will mean for them is that they will probably wait for the next player set… they may or may not be reworked.

In addition, there are some creators who have multiple cards.  We wanted them all tested, but we will not release the cards all at once.  So some of those cards will be “cut” and basically added to a ready to release list.

Finally, once we do that, there very well may be some balance concerns I have with the number of cards each side has, etc.  That could lead to more cuts.

Some of you may be asking “why release at all?”, and my answer is that we want to get player cards back in the game after them being gone for quite some time.  Optimally, these in between releases will be pretty small after this larger first one so they won’t be too hard to digest and test… this one obviously is a challenge since we had such a backlog of designs once we opened things up again.  Player cards help support the PC financially, and by removing some that are more problematic, I think we can thank those supporters, give players some new content to play with, and not create a crazy meta for Worlds.  That’s the goal!

What’s next is that I need to help shape the size/makeup of the set so I can share final cards and refine the timeline further.  My goal is to do that through the rest of this week and hopefully be back next week to share a timeline with you all.