Set 2 Final List

Greetings, Star Wars Players!

Development and I been able to sift through and discuss the array of player cards being considered for Set 2, and we are at the point to share what the set list will look like.

Before we get to this, I wanted to reiterate that this set list, and the card’s text is subject to change. We wanted to let you know of the cards we are cutting to help shape your testing, and we wanted to wait until we felt the cards’ text were very close to their final forms. As for the release date, we fully expect the PDF to be ready well before worlds, but I need to work through the last of the cards and get them signed off on by Development and the creators.

So, onto the set! I’ll link to the master list thread at the end and in there I can go into text updates in detail.

Light Side (8)

Leia Organa
Palace Raider*
Wedge Antilles
Yoda, Keeper of the Peace*
Like My Father Before Me*

Azure Angel
Corran in Rogue 9*
Force Levitation

Dark Side (8)
General Grievous*
General Nevar
Pote Snitkin

Jabba’s Trophies*

Tempest Scout 3

Black 6

Now, you will notice that some of the cards have little *s next to them. That’s my way of showing to you what could be changing. Those are the cards, that as of this moment I don’t have comprehensive sign offs on. Most of these I am playing referee between Development and the creator, trying to find the sweet spot where all parties are content with the card.

The other complication is that this being a player card set, it’s up to them to exercise their right to cut their card, even at the last minute. I don’t expect that to happen, but it sometimes does.

Regardless, if anything changes, I will share what I can as soon as possible.

If you want to see the latest text, check out the master list here. The latest post in that thread will details the latest changes.