Set 11 is a Stunning Move!

You can find the new Set 11 here!  

In a stunning move all the volunteer teams have worked for weeks to bring you the new set 4 weeks before the next major event (Continentals on August 23-25). We further have already programmed a large portion of the cards in Gemp, so you can start playing with new topics this weekend. 
Scomp Link Access and V-Kit will also be updated asap. 

A lot has changed behind the scenes compared to the last set. We have worked with strict deadlines for each team to ensure punctual release, the whole graphics process has changed (and the team was expanded to 6-7 members), the GEMP programmers worked hard to get as many cards as possible out with the release, and all the graphic images of the full cards are finished already. You can find them here: 
Set 11 DS card images 
Set 11 LS card images 

As with any new process there are still a few mishaps and lots of last minute tweaks (bear with us if something is not 100% yet), but we are already working on developing the process for Set 12 to make it even more effective. We further had a pre-release of the whole set in the form of booster packs containing white border preview cards. These were given out as a surprise on the European Championship and Tatooine Superweekend. Thanks again to all the volunteers (over 30 people in 6 or so teams) who made all this possible! You guys rock! 

Please enjoy the new cards and concepts covering Jedi “training” on Ahch-To and other Episode 8 themes, the return of the Episode 3 objective A Stunning Move, a little Clone love, and several other things and helpers that many of you requested for a long time! 

May The Force Be With You! 

Chris Menzel 
Marketing Advocate