Scomp Link Access Database

I am very happy to introduce you to our new Star Wars CCG Database “Scomp Link Access”.
The great Tom (hyvee_doughboy) Marlin has been working on this project for over half a year now, and the end result is awesome. We wanted a database that has all the features and images of the cards, like the old Polarhaven site, as well as all the extra info and data provided by the SW-IP engine database. The database further has to be accessible over any web browser, so that you may use it online and from your mobile devices, too. Tom has delivered all of this, and we would like the community to use it now.

Since the data from SW-IP has actually been imported to the new Scomp Link Access, it is only as good as it was in that former database. There are still several “old legacy” references in the info files. Please let us know, whenever you become aware of those, and we will remove them accordingly. This is a continuous and “living” system, and we will add and maintain the data on a rolling basis.

One of the huge advantages compare to SW-IP is that Scomp Link Access can be used online. It’s a browser based program, so you can use it anywhere on your computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.
It has also been adjusted to look fairly good on smaller displays.

You can find the new Scomp Link Access database here.

Please be aware that some browsers are “acting up” when using the program. I’ve done some severe testing of the program, and had some issues with Internet Explorer from time to time. Other browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox worked perfectly, though.

As a long time user of the old databases I have a few shortcuts and ways to find data easily and fast. I’ve been searching cards for writing articles, building decks, for D&D or marketing purposes, and many other projects, and would like to share some of the wonderful search possibilities of Scomp Link Access with you. If you know some or all of this, just skip ahead and use the database. If it helps the one or other volunteer from different groups to find data more easily, then I’m happy that I wrote this up.

Here are Search Examples that show you how to effectively use this database.

If you find any errors in the database we will shortly have a forum, where you can post them, and we will update them in the database.

I would further like to draw your attention to the recent new tournament software announcement by my fellow advocate Chris Schoenthal. That software was also created by Tom, and is extremely helpful to tournament directors. Adding the new database that can and will be used by all the players in the community this certainly seems to be “Tom Marlin month” in the Players Committee.

Thanks a lot, Tom!

May the Force be with you! Always!

Chris Menzel

Marketing Advocate