Virtual Slips

Set PDFs

For best printing results, please make sure page scaling is set to "none" and that all boxes under copies and adjustments are unchecked under printing options. Do not fit to page.

BLANKED Cards: Below is a list of all cards that have been "blanked" since the 2014 Reset. These should not appear in any of the above Virtual Card PDF's - if they do, please e-mail

Firepower (V) (Set 0)
Weapons Display (V) (Set 0)
Civil Disorder (V) (Set 0)
Ability, Ability, Ability (V) (Set 0)
Anakin’s Lightsaber (V) (Set 0 Version)
Imperial Domination (V) (Set 0) (became Imperial Enforcement)
Strategic Reserves (V) (Set 4)
Young Skywalker (Set 8)