Players Committee Recognizes 2020 Award Winners

In January, the Advocate Council publicly recognized several members of the Star Wars CCG community for their volunteering and playing accomplishments. Given the uniqueness of the 2020 calendar year and the magnitude and breadth of contributions, an unprecedented nine volunteers were granted Volunteer Awards. Two Content Creators, two developers of valuable SWCCG Resources and of course the Player of the Year were also recognized with accolades. A short description of each of these 14 members’ 2020 year is included below. Please join the PC in congratulating them when/where appropriate!

Player of the Year –
Joe Olson won his 3rd Player of the Year Award in 2020, successfully defending his 2019 Award to go along with the 2015 title as well. Joe won the 2020 World Championships, placed Top 4 in Texas Mini Worlds Players Championship, and qualified for the Online Championship Series Top 16 playoff. Bastian Winkelhaus, Paul Myers, Justin Desai and Hayes Hunter finished 2nd through 5th, respectively.

2020 PotY Final Standings

Content Creator Awards –
Kendall Halman and Matt Lutz are almost 20 episodes into their Bad Deck Breakdown Podcast, which is a unique and creative showcase of the community’s innovative deck builders. Kendall and Matt were also valuable co-hosts/guests at several points of the 2020 year on Star Wars CCG Holotheatre. Kendall produced an interview series with several former World Champions in the lead-up to the 25th SWCCG World Championships, and Matt took the lead on revitalizing the Deck Primers & Tutorials Forum to assist new and returning players.

Bad Deck Breakdowns Index

Resources of the Year –
Kevin Wilson refreshed The Encyclopedia of Collecting for Star Wars CCG to a Version 3.0 with visually beautiful presentation and a comprehensive register of the Decipher Era’s outputs to an unprecedented level of detail.

Collecting Encyclopedia 3.0

Scott Atkins developed the Comlink application for Android users, which is a valuable and wide-ranging support mechanism for Star Wars CCG players; given the complexity and vastness of the Star Wars CCG universe, this app is a boon to the game and sworn by as reliable and helpful for many members of the community.

Comlink App

Volunteer Awards (alphabetical order) –
Jeremy DiPaolo – Impactful coding/programming contributions to enable effective online Playtesting of in-development cards and to release new virtual cards concurrent with PDF release

Adam Fletcher – Pioneered the community into unseen levels of gameplay data aggregation and presentation and also made major contributions to GEMP’s capabilities and functionality; Adam also served as the Lead Proofer, which is a responsibility that requires utmost attention to detail within time-sensitive parameters

Ming Huo – Significant graphics contributions, including consistent and current banners for Social Media and prize support items like commemorative pins

Anthony Howard – Facilitated online play by constantly creating Gemp leagues across all formats, a great way to be inclusive to all SWCCG’ers preferences and competitive levels

Devon Hubner – Revitalized and optimized several aspects of the website, the Forums and several other technological resources

Hayes Hunter – Led the Playtesting team to produce a meteoric increase in valuable feedback of in-development cards and errata, liaising with Design & Development to summarize and communicate testing results

Bill Kafer – Developed and directed the Jawa Cup, the Road to Worlds pre-event and made other significant Tournament Committee contributions, including enabling Online Worlds to be a smooth and possible reality

Jared Napolitano – Enhanced SWCCG PC’s Social Media presence by increasing reach, quality and consistency across numerous platforms to better communicate with the community and attract new and returning players to the game

Dan Tartaglione – Anchored the Star Wars CCG Holotheatre show – the flagship show for the SWCCG World – churning out episodes almost every single week in 2020; also put in countless hours of commentary/streaming support for all types of events in the year

The PC eagerly looks forward to 2021 and the inevitable and valuable acts of volunteerism it’ll hold. Congratulations to everyone above, and everyone else who continued to drive this Game to new heights in 2020!

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