PDF of Reset List Posted – Virtual Set 0 and Virtual Set 1 Preview

SWCCG Community,

The PDFs for the Reset card list are officially posted!


At the link, you’ll find links to a Virtual Set 0 (Base Set) and Virtual Set 1 (Preview), as well as a Master PDF that has both combined into one PDF.

The cards contained in Virtual Set 0 (Base Set) have not changed from their pre-reset version, with the exception of some tweaked Defensive Shields. These cards were chosen by the Reset Task Force because they were at an appropriate power level, and their presence in the game was deemed beneficial to a fresh meta.

The preview cards included for Virtual Set 1 have had some various minor tweaks that the Reset Task Force and Advocate Council felt were appropriate to change to help make the meta more fun and balanced.

All virtual cards (and only these virtual cards) in these pdf’s are legal immediately for play in Standard Format for all sanctioned tournaments. A Legacy (pre-Reset) pdf may be wrapped up soon for any who wish to use those cards from time to time still (but not in Standard format events). We expect an update to Holotable soon to incorporate the final changes for online play.

We’re excited to see the direction our Design & Development teams take with the next couple v-sets as we strive to make more Decipher-era objectives viable, bring back a few older ideas with some balancing tweaks, as well as experimenting with new ideas.

If you’d like a printed high-resolution copy of the Master List, send a PM with your mailing address to “Advocate” and he will get one in the mail to you as soon as possible.

The PC is very grateful for everyone’s patience through this difficult stage, as well as your help with comments, insight, playtesting feedback, and overall love of the game to help us drive towards the best product available to keep everyone in this community playing the game for as long as possible. Also a special thanks goes out to the Reset Task Force for their hard work over the last few months in trying to sort through everything.

We’d also like to take this time to help encourage you all to be active members of the online community. We know that discussions can get heated at times and that not everyone is always the most friendly, but we’re working towards becoming one united community that supports, involves, and encourages everyone to put aside differences for a common goal of making this the best game and gaming community around.

Now let’s play some cards!

May the Force Be With You,
-The Advocate Council