New GEMP User Interface Now Publicly Available!

Announcing the public availability of the new Star Wars CCG user interface!

For over a year the PC Slicer team has been building and testing an entirely new way to play and enjoy the SWCCG game. The new user interface loads in a browser, uses the same account information as the existing UI, and you can switch between the two at anytime.

State of the client: We still consider this a beta client and we’re looking for your feedback on how to make it even better. So expect some bugs, and report any you find. The upper left corner of every screen contains a hidden button that you can click three times to open a bug reporting UI.

You can also share your thoughts and ideas on Slack, Discord or the Forums.

Technical Details: This is a webgl client built using the Unity game engine. As such it is more demanding on your system then the classic GEMP UI was. It is also highly sensitive to driver and browser choice. Some testers have reported that the Opera browser gives the best performance, while others report Chrome or Firefox. We encourage you to try a few different browsers and to please report any browser-specific issues you encounter.

Things to try:

  • Spectate a game
  • Play a game
  • Build a deck, draw a sample hand and view deck statistics
  • Import a deck from the forums
  • Buy and open a pack
  • Analyze your collection and figure out your missing cards
  • Go back in time an re-watch an older game
  • Use settings to customize the board, or other game options

Feedback We’re Looking For:

  • Technical glitches or crashes
  • Visual or rendering issues
  • Gameplay controls and game feel
  • Spectator feel, can you understand what is going on?

Note at this point, the Unity UI is not operationalized for mobile; it will likely take a few more months. If anyone would like to make a report with feedback for this aspect, do so in line with the above bug reporting UI button.

We hope the community helps refine this tool as SWCCG Online Gaming enters a new phase – enjoy!

-Eric Lanz

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