NARP-Friendly “Limited Resources” Format Debuts on Gemp

A new alternate format recently went live on Gemp – – that is expected to be especially appealing to several factions of the Star Wars CCG community.

Earlier in 2020, Steve Skilton developed the Limited Resources restricted-card environment (“LR”), and the exact details and reasoning may be found here:; in summary, LR can be described as follows:

  • 1) Almost exclusively Decipher cards / only a handful of virtual cards
  • 2) The most popular shields are allowed, but only played through the Decipher Starting Effects
  • 3) Original Trilogy cards (sometimes referred to in SWCCG as “Classic”)
  • 4) Generally toned-down power levels
  • 5) Negative Play Experience cards are banned.

The targeted players for this format include: 1) new and returning players (NARP) who may be overwhelmed by a broader, more power-creeped card pool such as Open; 2) players who are interested in an “unsolved meta”, where the “best decks” are not as obvious, and 3) those players who find Open’s game style too fast, too strong and/or not random enough.

With LR as a filter option in the Gemp Deckbuilder, players can build decks with an open mind and knowing that their deck will not contain “illegal cards”. The Gemp League Administrator, Anthony Howard, has also set up a LR League so players can play in a more competitive LR environment if they wish, with Gemp virtual prizes at stake (virtual packs, foils).

Good luck, have fun!