Joe Olson wins the 25th Star Wars CCG World Championship

Joe Olson is the 2020 Star Wars CCG World Champion! Joe navigated three days of intense competition to win his third major event since the 2014 Reset (2015 San Diego Grand Prix, 2015 Match Play Championship). Joe was also the runner-up in the 2019 North American Continentals event, a.k.a. the John Anderson Memorial Tournament, and finished in the Top 8 of Worlds on four other occasions (2009-7th, 2015-3rd, 2017-5th, 2019-3rd).

With the ongoing global pandemic, the Players Committee moved the 25th iteration of the Star Wars CCG World Championships to online; Gemp ( hosted 335 games in the event, which spanned four days and three “days”. “Day 1” was a six-game event, spanning two days involving 97 players across four heats. “Day 2” was a one-day, four-game event with 32 players – all those who went 4-2 or better during Day 1. And then eight players survived to Day 3, where three rounds of match-play style competition determined the winner.

Joe is from the Endor region, and his online moniker “arebelspy” is one of the most recognizable in the Star Wars CCG community, going back to the days when Decipher was still printing cards. Joe is one of the most active and passionate members of the community; in particular, in 2020, Joe was not only active playing in major events but he also commentated many high-profile games in the Texas Mini-Worlds Players Championship, the Online Championship Series Playoffs, and of course, an infamous 10-hour, dual-game marathon on “Worlds” Day 1 when he wasn’t playing (and going 6-0).

The Top 8 finished as follows – congrats to Joe, runner-up Quirin, and the other six finalists!

  • 1. Joe Olson (USA)
  • 2. Quirin Furgut (Germany)
  • 3. Paul Myers (USA)
  • 4. Chris Kelly (USA)
  • 5. Bastian Winkelhaus (Germany)
  • 6. Jared Napolitano (USA)
  • 7. Justin Desai (USA)
  • 8. Fernando Castanon (Spain)

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