Is the Dark Side Stronger?

Set 10 to release in time for Endor Grand Prix.

Ever since the reset, most players have felt that the Dark Side was totally OP’d (thanks, hate and anger!). Design has been pretty steadfast in trying to cautiously close the gap by making the Light Side better, without over shooting and making it dominant. We had hoped Set 9 would finally be the culmination of our hard work where Light Side finally walked away as the slightly better side (with then plans to try to cull that back, realizing we can never find a perfect balance between the sides, but if one was to be a bit favored, lets go ahead and finally make it Light).

Unfortunately, the best laid plans go awry and Prince Xizor and his criminal syndicate hacked into the PC computers and created Shadows Of The Empire without anyone realizing it until it was far too late. Thanks to the hard work of our IT heroes, it appears the PC has properly adjusted that card now and we believe (hope?) that we are in a good, healthy meta power-wise.However, we are thirsting for some more cards and strategies to explore.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m very happy to announce that without much pomp or circumstance, our amazing team of volunteers – including the Design & Development team, the Player Card Developers, o the play testers,the proofers and those on Graphics – has already been very hard at work behind the scenes for some time on Set 10!

I don’t want to spoil much of the fun yet, but I did want to let you all in on some of their hard work. Set 10 is going to be comprised very heavily of player cards. We have had so many incredibly creative, thoughtful and thematic player card creators who have patiently waited for their time to shine; after experiencing first hand all of the progress and direction provided by our talented Player Card Developers, I’m beyond excited at what many of them have come up with. Of course there will be a few cards included from the main D&D team (including some meta cards for the present, hints towards the future, and a revamped design of an old friend, long gone), but this seemed like the perfect time to give the community a set made primarily by their own!

What will they bring back next?

In the coming days, you can likely expect a few spoilers or hints as D&D finalizes the cards and the master list (and proofing can point out our inabilitee to speel and graphics can continue to impress us all to no end), but I wanted to let you all know – especially since the Endor Grand Prix has been moved up this year – Set 10 will be legal in time for that major. We will follow the usual plan of releasing a FBSTCS within a reasonable time prior to the event, to ensure everyone has fair notice of what to expect.(Oh, and that stands for “Full But Subject To Change Spoiler,” obviously…)

And, not to get too far ahead of ourselves, but I also wanted to note that D&D has also already begun work on the sets beyond Set 10. With so much new material coming out for our favorite space sage, for the time being, expect the next few sets to focus on a unified themes taken from new movies and beyond.  These unified themes will be mixed in with strong helper cards for some sleeper decks and a few power cards that can be useful in multiple platforms.

Think how Tatooine had a unified theme of podracing, helper cards like Keeping The Empire Out Forever and power cards for multiple decks like Darth Maul. Actually, that set was so much fun, don’t be surprised if we decide to give you some of those prequel-era Tatoine themes in this next set… I mean, who doesn’t love those cool Episode I Jedi doing their Episode I Jedi business?

Anyway….. I’d love to tell you specifically what the main theme of Set 11 will be, but… 

It is time… for this article… to end.

•Anakin’s Lightsaber (V)
[Hoth – R1]
Text: Deploy on Anakin, Luke, or Rey. May add 1 to Force drain where present. May target a character or creature for free. Draw two destiny. Target hit, and its forfeit = 0, if total destiny > defense value.
[Episode I]  [Episode VII]