GEMPC 5 Announced! Registration Open

“Batmouse”, a.k.a. the Gemp Leagues Administrator, recently opened sign-ups for the 5th Gemp Match-Play Championship, which will commence in the next few weeks. Known short-hand as the “GEMPC”, this event is entering its 5th iteration and is a competitive, but free entry, “bracket” event where 64 (or potentially more with a “play-in” round) players compete match-play style (i.e., 2 games with net differential determining who advances).

The matches take place on Gemp – – and are scheduled in a 10-day-per-round window at times where both players are available. Results are then reported via e-mail to the organizer of the event, Batmouse (known most endearingly as the Sheriff of Gemp). Batmouse seeds players based on historical performance of the players and his judgment. Gemp virtual prizes will be awarded, as well as limited tangible prize support.

Additional details on the event and registration logistics may be found here: Sign up today! Once 64 players register, spots will become scarce!

Prior GEMPC results include:

2017 – Bastian def. Krypto –
2018 – Desai def. Cellucci –
2019 – Baroni def. Stubbly –
2020 – Gogolen def. JNap –