GEMP Announcements & Request for Applications for New Team

Why hello there!

The PC has a couple of announcements to make, as well as a request for applications to a new team that is being formed.

The first announcement: Troy (tbiesty), the creator of GEMP, has decided that it is time for him to step away from the project in order to spend time on other projects that he is passionate about. Over the years, Troy has selflessly dedicated an unbelievable amount of his own sweat and tears into this project. It has been, and continues to be, an absolutely fantastic resource for our game. It allows a user-friendly experience of playing online, regular availability of games, and even opportunities for new tournaments such as the OCS.

Unfortunately, it is also a large commitment to continually run and update, and Troy can no longer dedicate the time and energy to it that is necessary. He has graciously allowed the PC to take over the management of the program and its website. We will forever be in his debt for creating GEMP, and we will use it to continue to grow the community and help the game thrive.

But fear not! GEMP will not be going away, and users should not see any major interruptions of service or drastic changes in the near future. This leads us into our second announcement:

As most of you probably know from the latest design blog post by Matt Carulli (quickdraw3457), he is stepping down from his previous role of Design Advocate. While this is sad news, there is also good news, because it gives him the opportunity to transition into a new Advocate role to help out with other projects, and the other Advocates are happy to be able to keep him on the team and engaged with helping the PC grow our game and community still!

Matt is going to transition into a new role that will be filling an important need, as Multimedia & Special Projects Advocate. Under these auspices, Matt will be leading a team that will take over the everyday operation of GEMP that (somehow!) Troy has done by himself for several years. This dedicated support team will manage the program (including playtesting cards, releasing new cards, debugging issues, fixing security issues, and using it to run leagues & the OCS).

In addition to GEMP, Matt’s role will also include oversight on multimedia and various projects that the PC is undertaking, such as helping Jeremy with managing (and updating) our website, streaming resources at Major events, online card list updates, and a potential new online deck discussion site, to name a few. The PC is aware that we have struggled in the past with getting some projects off the ground, due to various different time and resource constraints, and we are excited to have an Advocate in charge of coordinating these projects that will help strengthen our ability to provide the community with important resources for the game. And of course, he’ll also continue to help with general PC management duties as an active Advocate council member.

And now, the call for applications: Going forward, GEMP will need a team of software developers to help on the technical side of the program and website, to keep it running smoothly and update it with new cards and functionality. Troy has helped us to identify the skills needed, and he will also help with turnover of GEMP, as we train the new team in how to update and operate the back-end of GEMP. Please check out the skill set identified below, and if you feel you can productively contribute to this team, let us know by sending an email to, with an outline of your name, time commitment availability, relevant educational background, and experience as it relates both to the software skills lists and working on projects like this in general. It is not necessary to have every single skill listed to apply, as we will ideally have several people all helping to pull it together.

Thanks again to Troy and Matt for all their service, we all look forward to how this new team can use GEMP to continue to strengthen and grow the SWCCG community.


-The Advocates



Technologies and Languages:


–Anonymous Classes


–Amazon AWS

Skill Specifics:

*Web (1% of code)
Changes to web client are generally only needed when new functionality that requires the layout of the game table to be changed. Another time would be if new features are added to the lobby, deck builder, or merchant. Ability to debug JavaScript errors using browser plugin are the minimum skill required. Experience in JavaScript, jQuery, etc. would be even better, but certainly can just be learned as needed.

*Application (99% of code)
Solid experience in Java, including debugging, is required. Understanding Java class hierarchies and using anonymous classes are key to understanding project structure. Must be able to focus on implementing game concepts in a reusable ways. Strongly recommend consulting with rules team when rules/cards are unclear before doing implementation. Ability to prioritize tasks when time to complete various tasks are initially unknown.

Basic SQL command knowledge is sufficient.

Basic Linux command knowledge is sufficient. Basic knowledge of using Amazon AWS console is sufficient.

Ability to run a Maven build is sufficient. Basic experience with Git is sufficient.