Flattening the Curve – October 2020 Errata

Hi SWCCGers!

As fall approaches and the leaves change outside, Worlds approaches and the meta is about to change in our galaxy far, far away. As has been discussed all over the forums and slack and Holotheatre and the CBT threads, the Competitive Balance Team has been doing their homework and due diligence in assessing the meta. After noticing certain decks to be well above the curve (there are soooo many spies among us!), some things that did not seem to make sense in the current state of the game (as per Robbie…) and some things were just not fun to play against (wait, he can use my Force on your turn too? When your Force pile is already full?!?!), we have made some pretty aggressive changes in the meta, with a conscious effort to “flatten the curve.”

We realize that make changes to one deck can have a bigger impact on the meta than simply limiting that deck’s presence in the meta. For example, impacting a deck’s “natural predator” might cause that deck to suddenly dominate the meta. Or, just the same, scaling back just one deck might make another the clear and dominate deck for that side or it might cause a deck on the other side of the Force to no longer be needed as an option to keep something in check. So a conscious effort was made to look at many of the top decks and “flatten the curve,” in an attempt to bring the strongest decks down the most and the stronger decks some, and the strong decks a bit, hoping to ensure several good, decent, equal deck options.

So, without further adieu, I present to you the 10/2020 Competitive Balance Errata:

*Changes or additions are in Bold, removed text are noted with strikethough

•Kir Kanos (V)
[Reflections II – PM]
Text: When deployed, may /\ a Royal Guard. During battle, if with an Imperial and present at a site, once per game may cancel a non-[Immune to Sense] Interrupt.
[Warrior] [Set 8] [Errata]

•Moff Gideon [Collateral Damage (V)] 3
[Premiere – C2]
Lore: ISB leader.
Text: [Pilot] 2. Rebels here (and at adjacent sites if your E-web blaster here) are power -1. When deployed, may \/ an E-web blaster (or an Imperial stormtrooper) here for -2 Force.
[Pilot] [Warrior] [Set 12] [Errata]

•R’tic H’weei [Daroe (V)] 3
[Tatooine – R]
Lore: Jawa.
Text: Once per game, may /\ Jawa Blaster or a card with “sandcrawler” in title or game text. During opponent’s turn, if present at a Tatooine battleground and there is more than 1 Force in opponent’s Force Pile, you may use 1 Force in opponent’s Force Pile.
[Tatooine][Set 0] [Errata]

•Slip Sliding Away (V)
[Cloud City – R]
Text: If you have deployed a site with exactly two [Dark Side Force] (and no other locations), deploy a battleground site. Then, unless you have deployed Imperial Square or a site with “Palace” in title, deploy up to three Effects that are always immune to Alter. Place Interrupt in Lost Pile.
[Set 12] [Errata]

Firepower (V)
Ability, Ability, Ability (V)

•R2-D2 (Artoo-Detoo) (V)
[A New Hope – R2]
Text: While aboard a starfighter, adds 2 to power, maneuver, and hyperspeed. While with a Scomp link, adds one [Light Side] icon here, and, once per game, if about to be lost, may place in Used Pile. Immune to Fire Extinguisher and Restraining Bolt.
[Nav Computer] [Set 1] [Errata]

•Saw Gerrera [Stay Sharp! (V)] 2
[Special Edition – U]
Lore: Leader.
Text: Attrition against opponent is +1 here for each of their characters present. Opponent may not reduce your Force drains here. Cancels Trooper Assault here.
[Warrior] [Set 9] [Errata]

•Make Ten Men Feel Like A Hundred [Firefight (V)] 5
[Endor – C]
Lore: Blank
Text: If Stardust on table, deploy on table. Nightfall is canceled. Saw is a Resistance agent and spy. Once per game, may \/ Saw. Rebel spies deploy -1 to Scarif. Once per battle, if you just drew a Rebel spy for destiny, may retrieve 1 Force. [Immune to Alter.]
[Set 11] [Errata]

•Stardust [Portable Scanner (V)] 6
[Special Edition – C]
Lore: Blank
Text: Deploy on Data Vault. At any time, may relocate Stardust to your spy present. During your control phase, if on your spy at a battleground you occupy, opponent loses 1 Force. If about to leave table, relocate to Data Vault (if possible). [Immune to Alter.]
[Set 9] [Errata]

They Have No Idea We’re Coming [Covert Landing (V)] 0
[Endor – U]
Text: Deploy Scarif system, Data Vault (with Stardust there), and Massassi War Room.
For remainder of game, you may not deploy Jedi. Baze, Chirrut, and Rebel troopers are spies.
While this side up, once per turn, may \/ a Rebel starship (except Home One or [Reflections III] Falcon) or a Scarif site. Each player’s characters (except Imperials and spies) and vehicles deploy +2 to Scarif sites that player does not occupy.
Flip this card if you control two Scarif locations.
[Set 9] [Errata]

Until We Win, Or The Chances Are Spent [Desperate Tactics (V)] 7
[Special Edition – C]
Text: While this side up, your spies are defense value +2 (and power +1 if with Stardust) and are immune to Undercover. While Stardust on your spy, opponent may not cancel your Force drains at battlegrounds. Once per turn, may place a Rebel in your Lost Pile out of play to make a regular move with your Rebel spy during your control phase or cancel an attempt to target your non-Undercover Rebel spy with a weapon.
Flip this card if you do not occupy two Scarif locations (unless Rogue One at a Scarif site you occupy).
[Set 9] [Errata]

We Need Luke Skywalker [Save You It Can (V)] 7
[Special Edition – R]
Text: Immediately place Luke out of play (ignore [Death Star II] objective restrictions, if any). For remainder of battle, opponent may not fire weapons.
While this side up, opponent’s immunity to attrition is limited to < 5. Your Force drains are +1 where you have two unique (•) Resistance characters. Once during your turn, may peek at the top card of your Force Pile and Reserve Deck; place both cards (in any order) on top of one of those piles. Once per turn during battle involving two Resistance characters, may cancel an opponent’s just drawn destiny to cause a re-draw.
[Set 11] [Errata]

•Wokling (V)
[Endor – R]
Text: Unless Massassi Throne Room on table, deploy on table. Your total Force generation is +1. Once per game, may use 3 Force to /\ an Effect that has no deploy cost and deploys on another card. May place this Effect out of play to retrieve 1 Force. [Immune to Alter.]
[Set 0] [Errata]

Weapons Display (V)
Civil Disorder (V)

Why did you do this to these particular cards? Well….

  • Kir Kanos: There has been a rash of characters designed with “Interrupt-style” game text. Decks are becoming more character-based and less “red.” And whenever Design has wanted to make a powerful interrupt for battle, we either have to make it very high destiny or immune to sense. We wanted to be able to bring back some of that excitement of an Interrupt swinging a battle and then also that moment of “wait, is this Interrupt even going to go thru or does my opponent have a Sense?” This guy eventually became a design-constraint. We liked the theme of a Royal Guard “guarding,” so we wanted to keep the text to some degree. But not to the “stack your star destroyer and cancel their Rebel Leadership in space” kind of good.
  • Moff Gideon: we loved him. A true powerhouse from the Mandalorian. But he too easily fueled an ISB/Garrison beat, especially when he was deployed to the Square to get a Garrison for 2 Force. So instead of that (or a free Patrol), he can reduce their deployment or get a free trooper if you grab the unique 2/2 guys. Also, they are only servants to Gideon and have to go to his site, not anywhere the Empire needs. As ISB trooper/million guys/death stack became more common, it became apparent this guy had to get hit somehow.
  • R’tic H’weei: this is one of the best designed virtual cards of all time, but the execution of allowing it on both turns was just too much. It was often an NPE to save Force for your opponent’s turn only to have them steal it from you. UTINNIIII!!!
  • Slip Sliding Away: this card opened up soooo many new decks and is really fun. Unfortunately ISB starting the Square + a 2/1 battleground was exactly what that deck needed to take over the meta. We wanted to change it in a way that the Square was no longer an option. However, should a day come where ISB needs more help, we are free to make a new Corsucant site with 2 DS Force icons that either isn’t a 2/0 and/or doesn’t make all Imperials cheaper.
  • Firepower: Retrieval on a defense shield (that triggered off opponent putting more characters on table) always seemed odd. However these shields were often confused because they weren’t mirrors and with Ghhhk and Lana combos (and Vader, Enforcer) they seem less needed.
  • Ability, Ability, Ability: The Senate Defense Shields are very fair counters to the deck. I wouldn’t expect any helpers for Senate at the moment, but at least now the deck can maybe be explored. Also, in general, +2 modifiers are the flipping worst.
  • R2-D2: We liked this card but recursion in general often draws skepticism and ire and generally should be avoided or costed.
  • Make Ten Men Feel Like A Hundred/No Idea: This was a clear attempt at disrupting the efficiency of this deck, which could go aggro early, control early, satisfy Battle Order by stacking deploy 2 (or 1), forfeit 7 guys with decent game text at a drain 2 site and a slue of ships that were pullable. Pulling Saw early was also unnecessary, as we making him a Resistance Agent, not only because Map was no longer the beast it once was, but also because it meant he could be retrieved with Where’s Han, which pulled Han, Chewie and the Falcon, which turned Guts online. There was talk of just blending the left over effect text into the objective, but decided since it can pull its space fleet, letting the deck have a free effect slot for Menace Fades or Guts wasn’t achieving the “nerf” we wanted.
  • Stardust: this could have been lumped in with the above, but this was primarily so that decks that could not afford to start Imperial Decree (V) could still be viable.
  • Saw Guerra: see Kir Kanos, above. But he now perma-cancels Trooper Assault, otherwise his attrition text would be worthless. Also, this guy doesn’t let troopers push him around.
  • Legend: The re-draw was often considered the most “NPE” portion of the objective, not just because of it’s obvious ability of affecting your luck in battle, but also because it minimizes the strength and skill of tracking and discourages the DS from battling late game (in a deck that thrives in the late game with its pings and retrieval). But the re-draw was so iconic to the deck (Luke passing on his text to the objective), we wanted to keep it, but just thematically cost it. Now in order to pull off the Gold Leader in Gold 1 trick, you’ll need more than just Poe piloting.
  • Wokling: This one pains me too much to write, but the number of players providing feedback against TRM always came back to this. Initially there was a defensive shield that dealt with both Stardust and TRM’s activation, but with the decision to errata Stardust, it became more apparent to just errata Wokling out of TRM instead of making a new shield.

When will this errata be in effect?

In the world we are currently in, we don’t anticipate any sanctioned “in real life” games soon, however we are currently working on getting the PDF ready and uploaded. We hope it will be there within a week’s time. However, of more practicality, our GEMP slicers have gotten a jump start on this and it is expected to be ready and loaded into GEMP in time for Round 2 of the OCS playoffs. We purposefully did not want to issue errata in the middle of the Texas Mini-Worlds, both so we could use the later rounds to get more data and gameplay experience and to ensure we did not take away from the integrity of that event by having the finals played in a “stale meta” with players selecting their decks for the championship round knowing that it was going to be errata’d. We wanted to announce them all now though so those playing in Round 2 of the OCS knew about it when planning their games. However, as always, the GEMP meta is play it as it lies, so be advised that those who start their first game before the errata implemented may be playing their second game after.

What about Court?

Court is certainly a top deck that we would have hit with an errata if there was one clear and obvious solution. However in our discussions it became more and more apparent that instead of attacking one or two V-cards, it would be better to handle Court thru “meta cards” (or bullets) in the next set that would counter things or help fight against what Court does well. Unfortunately this means that there will be a small window of a meta where the CBT changes are in effect but Set 13 is not yet out, so if you are part of a wretched hive, enjoy that time.

When is Set 13 coming out?

Set 13 is entering its final production stages and will be legal for the Worlds event in December.

Thanks all and MTFBWY,