Errata to Imperial Decree (v)

The Players Committee would like to announce the Errata of Imperial Decree (v) to the following text effective immediately:

Imperial Decree (V)
[Virtual Set 0 – Cloud City – U]
Text: Deploy on table. Whenever you lose Force (except from Force drains, battle damage, or your card), may reduce loss (to a minimum of 1) by the number of battlegrounds you occupy. During battle, may place this Effect out of play to draw one battle destiny if unable to otherwise. [Immune to Alter]
Set Icon 0

The reasoning for this change is because we believe the card has been causing the meta to be unbalanced as evidenced by the strong showing and frequency of the Naboo deck (and other similar decks) at worlds . Specifically the activation portion allowing Dark Side decks to be able to include no locations. This is an opinion that we feel is shared by large portion of the community.

We wanted to make sure that this errata would be in effect for the upcoming Texas and European tournament being held in October so we tried to release something that would affect the meta in a way that could easily be predicted. The reason the battle destiny text was chosen is simply because we wanted gametext that would be occasionally useful but not too strong and this is what the members of DnD agreed on.

We are aware of the concern voiced by some about Light Side twixes potentially being a problem without a card keeping them in check. This is something we will be keeping a close eye on over the tournament season and will be addressed in the future if need be.

We’d like to thank the community for their patience and understanding while we worked to resolve this and we hope that we were able to satisfy as many people as possible with this decision.