Developments In GEMP Development

Greetings SWCCG Players!

Many of you were surely wondering how well the PC could handle the transition of GEMP ownership from its creator to the PC, just like you are likely wondering now how it is progressing. I have some good updates for you below, and I am just as excited (and even more confident) about how we are going to manage as I was when I first took on the responsibility.

First off, after calling for applicants to join the PC’s initial GEMP development team, the Advocates were overjoyed at the quality and quantity of applications received. We have so many talented members of our community who are willing to volunteer many dozens of hours to get this started (and hundreds of hours in the months to come), and it was difficult to narrow it down to a select few. Even though they’ve been hard at work for a few weeks, I’m pleased to officially announce the initial GEMP development team for the PC:

John Anderson
Andrew Bender
Justin Carulli
Jim Li
Sam Olson

Even though we only took 5 team members to start, we are likely going to add to this group in the near future. I thought it was important to start with a smaller
group so we don’t have “too many cooks in the kitchen,” and so everyone has a chance to learn as many of the intricacies of GEMP as possible. As they learn, they are documenting best practices, technical difficulties, and general information for the next group of developers who join the team. Even if you applied and didn’t get to join the initial team, we still have your application on file and may be reaching out to you when we’re ready to grow the team further!

For the past two-three weeks, the above team has been studying the code, and going through a few 2 hour crash courses with Troy to learn how it works. Troy has been an incredible teacher for them. They are picking up the specifics of the program very quickly, and are making more and more progress as time goes on. Our first priority as far as updates go is to get the recently announced errata into GEMP as soon as possible (NOTE: to illustrate how much progress they are making, between the time that I drafted this post and now, they have already completed the errata in GEMP!). After that, it will be all about Set 9, which I am confident will be done before the end of July. The team is enthusiastic, energetic, collaborative, and very eager to make progress. Thank you all for your patience during this transition period — it will be rewarded!

Longer term, we are already brainstorming feature enhancements to the program, and we’ll be looking for your feedback on features you would like to see and cards you want to see us work on next. Obviously Set 9 and learning the code are the priority, but we’re looking forward to building off of what Troy designed, and I’m confident with a large team we will be able to do some great things with GEMP and the future of online SWCCG.

Finally, in case you missed it, the success of the OCS so far has led to an increase in the prize pool for the event. You only have a few more months to qualify, so sign up for July while you can, and be on the lookout for a competitive field in August and September!

I hope to see you all playing on GEMP soon!

Matt Carulli
Multimedia and Special Projects Advocate