Demo Deck Expansion 1

Only one week after the demo deck basic set, and we are already releasing the first demo expansion. If you wonder why, then I’m happy to shed some light in the darkness. When I created the basic set there were always many questions about why I would not include this or that card. When you see the first expansion, I believe many questions are answered, and it’s also easier to understand the concept by simply seeing the cards. A second reason is that the beginner levels are widely different among the New And Returning Players (NARPs). Many have already played around with one deck or the other and are familiar with 3 effect starts and/or defensive shields. It is probably more interesting for those players, if they have something to continue with already. The second expansion won’t be out before May, though, so don’t hurry. Take your time and play the basic decks until you have seen every card in action. After that you can move on to this expansion. At the end of this article you’ll find a list with the cards you have to exchange.

Find the Demo Deck Expansion 1 here!

Starting Effect and Shields

The most important addition addition to the decks are the starting effects (Knowledge And Defense and Anger Fear Agression). You can put any number of defensive shields under it (usually all you have), but we will start with 5 for now. 3 of those you already know.

  • First there’s the “grabber” (Allegations Of Corruption and A Tragedy Has Occurred). This grabber functions similar to the one you started with in the basic deck, but you can play it in addition. Interrupts are powerful and it makes sense to grab more than one interrupt (for example as the DS player It Could Be Worse and We’re Doomed are both interrupts that can lose you the game, so you may want to make sure they don’t come back). The grabber can always be played.

  • Next is Battle Order/Battle Plan, which you already know as your standard effect in the basic deck. You will usually only play this shield, if you satisfy space and ground to make sure you don’t have to pay 3 for your own drains, or if you don’t want your opponent to make a big drain of 2 early on. Having to pay would slow him down, and he’d have to choose between draining or deploying (for 3 more force).

  • Secret Plans and Aim High are the other effects you know from the basic deck. As the DS player you always want to prevent the LS player from retrieving. As the LS player Aim High as a shield is a relatively useless card, at least in our demo decks, in others decks the DS sometimes has some retrieval). It is only here to show you the difference between the effect Aim High and the defensive shield Aim High. The offensive part of the effect, which allows you to add 5 to power when shooting 2 weapons, has been removed from the shield, since it’s supposed to be a defensive and not offensive shield (we can argue about that with some later shields).

  • Oppressive Enforcement and Wise Advise are our fourth shields. They can always be played, because they only cause YOUR interrupts/effects that were sensed or altered by your opponent to go to Used Pile instead of lost pile. The function of the interrupt would still be canceled (for example the movement from Path Of Least Resistance, but at least the card goes to used pile and you can use it again later in the game.

  • Do, Or Do Not and There Is No Try are more aggressive counters against Sense and Alter. They are both lost interrupts now, and if a player successfully draws to cancel a card (only if the draw is successful, not simply when you play the Sense/Alter), then they would lose 2 Force. Losing 3 force (the Sense/Alter plus the 2 force in addition) makes it much less attractive to play these, and shows you how strong the cards are. This shield is usually only played, if you have used up your Sense Alter Control (also called “SAC”), or if you expect your opponent to cancel something important, and didn’t draw into your own SAC.

So, we have added one card, the starting effect, which is played before any other cards, and you see that you already have 5 cards under it which are relatively easy to remember, if you play with these decks awhile.

Starting Interrupts and 3 Effect Start

Next is our starting interrupts, Prepared Defenses and Heading For The Medical Frigate, which now allows you to deploy 3 effects instead of 1. You will keep your “grabber” effect (Something Special Planned For Them v and Strikeforce v) from the basic set and add 2 more effects on each side.

  • Combat Response and Squadron Assignments are the so called “matching pilot effects”. You show your pilot from hand and search your reserve deck for his matching ship (according to lore or game text) and then deploy them both together. Or vice versa (show the ship and search the guy). Remember though, you only get one attempt per turn with this effect! If you show Captain Han and the Falcon is not in the deck, then you cannot search for another ship that turn. You could deploy Captain Han somewhere else (without Falcon) though. Speaking of the Falcon, if you show him and Captain Han is not in deck, then you’d have to deploy Chewie or Lando, if you can, because they are all matching pilots.

  • Mobilization Points is a DS effect that gives you additional force activation at your docking bay (or opponents). It also allows you to take the Carida system or the all mighty Executor ship into hand. In our games, we’ll take the Carida system for early activation unless you already have it in your starting hand. This is the first action during each of your games!

  • Wokling (V) is a LS effect that simply lets you activate another force each turn. Simple, but very effective and strong, and you therefore find it in many LS decks. We will ignore the “pull an effect for 3 force” part for now. You have enough shields and effects for this expansion.

The character selection has been changed, so that you can make use of the whole “matching pilot” theme. You’ll soon see that, although you have to you 2 cards (plus multiples and the matching pilot effects), which may not be as card effective as matching pilots, but they usually have more staying power, are stronger and often can hold a system. Baron Fel, Major Phennir and Captain Yorr with their respective ships Saber 1, Saber 2 and Onyx 2 have been added to the DS. Captain Han, Harc Seff and Dash Rendar with their ships Falcon, Overseer and Outrider have been added for the LS. Regarding Dash Rendar, please remember that his power reducing is an action, and you have to announce it BEFORE drawing battle destiny. Otherwise he hasn’t reduced the power of a ship.

The DS also gets Admiral Piett, another card to pull with Imperial Command, for the Executor. We’ll ignore his pulls for now, although you could always search your reserve deck for them to check if that missing matching pilot/ship is there. We further have The Emperor’s Sword, which is a squadron (3 ships in 1), and not a capital starship, but rather 3 starfighters in 1. If you’d use the interrupt All Power To Weapons you’d get 3 times power +2, because those are 3 TIEs. The real game breaker is the TIE starship weapon, though. This is what a non-permanent weapon looks like, and it will often shoot your opponent’s Starfighter out of the battle before they can do anything.

The LS also has such a card (X-Wing Cannon), but I would rather show you something different on that side. The weapon card here is Anakin’s Lightsaber, which can be deployed on Anakin or the new Leia in this expansion (Luke already has a weapon). It adds 1 to force drain (as most lightsaber weapon cards do), which is strong. You cannot use it in space, though, which is a common beginner’s question. But you can pull it with Gift Of The Mentor (pulled in turn by the LS objective), or get it back it with Yoxgit, who is a natural fit for the deck. Then you have the Bespin: Cloud City sector. This is not a system, so it doesn’t count for Battle Plan/Battle Order. It costs 1 to move between it and the system and towards the CC: Docking Bay. In closing you have We’re Doomed, one of the more powerful LS interrupts, because it slows down the DS damage and makes it possible for LS to win in the end. During DS control phase they have the first action and would usually do the most damage first, probably Tatooine Occupation. LS would have to lose to that. THEN the LS can play We’re Doomed and any other drains of 2 that turn (or similar damage in other decks) would be cut in half.

The changed decks from this expansion are maybe not as balanced anymore, which is also often true when meeting unknown deck types. The goal is not only winning with these demo decks, it’s learning, too! Both decks are more space oriented, though, and can spread out to Carida and/or the sector to do more damage. DS has probably a space advantage with the gun, but LS can make up for that with the lightsaber and We’re Doomed. I can only squeeze in so many things in one 20+ card (for each side) expansion, which is already a third of a deck. It would surely be more effective to include 3 copies of All Power To Weapons or multiple matching lightsabers, but I’d rather show you the main thing (matching pilots in this case) in full, and scratch the surface of a few other things a bit.

As always, after you have played 5 times with each side, read your deck and take any cards that you have not played with by then INTO your next starting hand and draw UP TO 8 cards then. Make sure you play them in the next game.

Have fun with the demo deck and see you in a few months for demo expansion 2.

May the Force be with you!

Chris (Euro Emperor) Menzel

Marketing Advocate



DS Demo Deck Expansion 1

  1. Knowledge & Defense (V)           -> exchange for Battle Order (effect)
  2. Secret Plans shield                                                                           -> new additional card
  3. Allegations Of Corruption (Grabber) shield                         -> new additional card
  4. Battle Order shield                                                                          -> new additional card
  5. There Is No Try shield                                                                    -> new additional card
  6. Oppressive Enforcement                                                             -> new additional card
  7. Prepared Defenses                         -> exchange for Twilek Advisor
  8. Combat Response                           -> exchange for Secret Plans (effect)
  9. Mobilization Points                         -> exchange for Control
  10. Baron Soontir Fel                             -> exchange for P-59
  11. Baron Soontir Fel                             -> exchange for P-60
  12. Major Phennir                                   -> exchange for General Veers (V)
  13. Captain Yorr                                       -> exchange for Jabba The Hutt (V)
  14. Admiral Piett                                      -> exchange for Admiral Ozzel
  15. Saber 1                                                 -> exchange for Boba Fett In Slave I (V)
  16. Saber 2                                                                 -> exchange for Tempest 1
  17. Onyx 2 (V)                                           -> exchange for Accuser
  18. The Emperor’s Sword                    -> exchange for Chimaera
  19. Executor                                              -> exchange for Devastator
  20. Carida                                                   -> exchange for Tatooine: Desert Heart
  21. All Power To Weapons                  -> exchange for Stunning Leader
  22. SFS Lrs9.3 Laser Cannons              -> exchange for Elis Helrot
  23. Hyperdrive Navigational Chart                                                   -> new additional card



LS Demo Deck Expansion 1

  1. Anger Fear Agression (V)             -> exchange for Battle Plan (effect)
  2. Aim High shield                                                                                                > new additional card
  3. A Tragedy Has Occurred (Grabber) shield                             -> new additional card
  4. Battle Plan shield                                                                             -> new additional card
  5. Do Or Do Not shield                                                                        -> new additional card
  6. Wise Advice shield                                                                          -> new additional card
  7. Heading For The Medical Frigate -> exchange for The Signal
  8. Squadron Assignments                 -> exchange for Aim High (effect)
  9. Wokling (V)                                        -> exchange for Control
  10. Captain Han Solo                              -> exchange for Han With Heavy Blaster Pistol
  11. Captain Han Solo                              -> exchange for Han With Heavy Blaster Pistol
  12. Harc Seff (V)                                      -> exchange for Mirax Terrik
  13. Dash Rendar                                      -> exchange for Wedge Antilles (V)
  14. Yoxgit                                                    -> exchange for Booster In Pulsar Skate (V)
  15. Princess Leia (V)                               -> exchange for Leia With Blaster Rifle
  16. Millenium Falcon                              -> exchange for Tantive IV (V)
  17. Overseer (V)                                      -> exchange for Gold Leader In Gold 1 (V)
  18. Outrider                                               -> exchange for Azure Angel (V)
  19. Cloud City (sector)                           -> exchange for Cloud City: West Gallery
  20. Anakin’s Lightsaber                         -> exchange for Spiral
  21. Gift Of The Mentor                         -> exchange for Nabrun Leids
  22. We’re Doomed                                 -> exchange for Sorry About The Mess