Decipher Cards Errata Update

We have finally done an extensive update on all the Decipher errata documents we have.
There is a PDF that features half-slips to all the Decipher cards that have received errata over the years. So, if you finally want that correct text of Hidden Base on your card, or the recent errata to Chief Bast printed out, then you can download and cut out these slips. They are much like virtual slips, but have a little “E” icon (for errata) on the right side.

Find the Decipher Errata Document here.

This document has been available before, but all the texts have been double checked again and updated to the latest wording. This is a PDF with over 30 pages and 500 cards, most of which have received their errata during the Decipher days. (Never say they didn’t have their own little reset in its own way).

These texts have already been updated on GEMP and will be finished updating on Holotable soon. They have further been changed in the SWIP database engine (find the program here and the latest update here).

The only thing we have not updated yet is the V-kit. We are looking for volunteers that can help us isolating the half-slip images from the PDF into jpegs/gifs. Send me a pm if you can help with that.

We would like to thank all the volunteers who helped make this possible. It’s a tedious work, but every-one worked for months to make this possible. A special thanks to my fellow advocate Aglets, who really pushed this project to make it a reality. Just in time to have some clean house before Worlds and the upcoming set 7.

May the Force be with you!

Chris Menzel

Marketing Advocate