2019 - Bastian Winkelhaus def. Bryan Mischke, held in Bochum, Germany
2018 - Bastian Winkelhaus def. Tom Kelly, held in Morristown, NJ
2017 - Phil Aasen def. Jonathan Chu, held in Minneapolis, MN
2016 - Tom Haid def. Reid Smith, held in Princeton, NJ
2015 - Justin Desai def. Jonathan Chu, held in Philadelphia, PA
2014 - Emil Wallin def. Brian Terwilliger, held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2013 - Justin Desai def. Reid Smith, held in Boston, MA
2012 - Emil Wallin def. Angelo Consoli, held in Bochum, Germany
2011 - Kevin Shannon def. Brian Herold, held in Washington, D.C.
2010 - Dan Kim def. Kyle Krueger, held in Philadelphia, PA
2009 - Brian Hunter def. Justin Desai, held in Princeton, NJ
2008 - Kevin Shannon def. Kyle Krueger, held in Minneapolis, MN
2007 - Jonny Chu def. Justin Desai, held in Chicago, IL
2006 - Nate Meeker def. Brian Hunter, held in Chicago, IL
2005 - Drew Scott def. James Booker, held in GenCon - Indianapolis, IN
2004 - Brandon Schele def. Reid Smith, held in GenCon - Indianapolis, IN
2003 - Jonny Chu def. Greg Shaw, held at DragonCon - Atlanta, GA
2002 - Angelo Consoli def. Greg Shaw, held at DecipherCon - Virginia Beach, VA
2001 - Bastian Winkelhaus def. Martin Akesson, held at FreedomCon - Virginia Beach, VA
2000 - Matt Sokol def. Yannick Lapointe, held at DecipherCon - Kissimmee, FL
1999 - Gary Carman def. Steven Lewis, held in Virginia Beach, VA
1998 - Matt Potter def. Michael Riboulet, held in Virginia Beach, VA
1997 - Philipp Jacobs def. Michael Riboulet, held in Norfolk, VA
1996 - Raphael Asselin def. Bjørn Sørgjerd, held in Vail, CO


The following players, through their successful tournament play, have been named Players of the Year. The Player of the Year Award goes to the player who accumulates the most amount of “tournament points” during the calendar year, with points being awarded based upon the size and importance of the tournament within that year’s tournament structure.

2019: Joe Olson
2018: Bastian Winkelhaus
2017: Jonathan Chu
2016: Tom Kelly
2015: Joe Olson
2014: Matt Harrison-Trainor
2013: Steve Baroni
2009: Aaron Nelson (Jerry Heine - Rookie of the Year)
2008: Kevin Shannon
2007: Justin Desai
2006: Nate Meeker
2005: James Booker
2004: Reid Smith

The Star Wars CCG Players Committee has taken the occasion to recognize several outstanding members of the community, based upon their successful and skill play as well as unparalleled contributions to the game. Each of these players has set a standard of excellence both in game and outside of gameplay to warrant inclusion into this select company. The Hall of Famers are forever honored by automatically receiving a berth into Day 2 of the annual Star Wars CCG World Championships.

Jonny Chu

HOF Inagural Class

2013  Hall of Fame class; Jonny Chu second from left

Enshrined: 8/10/2013
Perhaps the single-greatest Star Wars player of all-time, and certainly the most accomplished in the PC era, Jonny was the first to ever win multiple Star Wars CCG World Championships (2007, 2003), and essentially reserved his spot in the Top 8 of any tournament he attends (making the top 8 at Worlds an astounding nine times, including Worlds 2013, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2002, including being the runner up in 2015 – and he even was author of the deck that was used by his teammate to win the 2000 World Championships). Perhaps most impressive though, is that Jonny can play almost any deck to get to the top spot, whether it be an aggressive, speed deck or a slow, control deck, having piloted anything from Black Sun, to Hunt Down, to Senate, to Endor Operations (three different ways!), to Dark Deal, to Watto and even spice, to defeat his opponents. Jonny does not have any one particular playing style and his has used his versatility to his complete advantage.

Jonny credits much of his skill to his teammates, being a long-standing member of Team Albany, who at one time had four of the highest-ranking Star Wars players in the world, all playing in the same store.

Known not just for his ability to out think and out play his opponents, Jonny had both the unique ability to identify the best route to victory and plot out the game actions – and even turns – in advance, all the while being a complete gentleman and exemplifying sportsmanship and class.

Angelo Consoli

HOF Inagural Class

2013 Hall of Fame Class; Angelo Consoli far right

Enshrined: 8/10/2013
Angelo is one of the mainstays of the game, even from its Decipher days. Angelo had a banner year in 2002, winning both the World Championship and European Championship. He also made the Top 8 at Worlds in 2007, 2014 and 2012 (where he was the runner-up- by 1 card no less) and made the Top 8 in Europeans in 2012 and 2015, and playing in the finals in 2007 and 2011. He has traveled to play Star Wars all over for the better part of a decade, and probably has won more national trophies from different countries than any other player. Among his won championships are England (2008), Germany (2008 and 2012), Germany Year Ender (2010), Netherlands (2011 and 2012), Austria (2011), France (2011), Denmark (2012), and the UK (2014).

Angelo has also been a friendly presence in the community. He is known for creative deck-building and always getting the most out of his cards, but beyond his playing skill, he is recognizable across multiple communities of this game as one of the better players – and people – the game has to offer.

Justin Desai

HOF Inagural Class

2013 Hall of Fame Class; Justin Desai third from left

Enshrined: 8/10/2013
A two-time world champion (2015, 2013) and two-time National Champion (2003, 2007) who has dominated the tournament scene for some time, including being a runner up to the World Championships twice (2007, 2009) and finishing in the Top 8 three other times (2011, 2010, 2003), Justin has also finished in the Top 8 at other large tournaments (2002 and 2008 Nationals runner-up).

However, beyond his individual dominance in the game, Justin is proud to be associated with some of the strongest communities this game has seen, including the “Kashyyyk Train of Dominance” (KToD), with whom he has twice captured the Worlds Team Championship (2007, 2008), and who are without question responsible for some of the strongest decks ever seen in this game and still till this day influence the design and development of cards – from the incredible KToD versions of Combat, Profit, and Hunt Down – let alone the legendary KToD Senate deck that ruled the meta for so long. Justin has also teamed with other communities, and it seems that whoever he plays with seems to get remarkably better, with often times Justin and his play testing teammates dominating at the top tables of their events, running through very tough and skilled competition.

All told, Justin Desai is not simply very good at Star Wars cards, he is a legendary player, deck-builder and teammate.

Kevin Shannon

HOF Inagural Class

2013 Hall of Fame Class; Kevin Shannon on left

Enshrined: 8/10/2013
The second person to ever win two World Championships (2008, 2011), Kevin had one of the most dominant runs in Star Wars CCG where he was always finishing first or second at whatever tournaments he showed up at, whether they be locals, Nationals (Runner up in 2012), North American Continentals (2012 Champion), MPCs (2014 winner, 2015 runner up, Top 4 in 2013) or World Championships (having also finished in the top 8 in 2013). In addition to his dominance in the game, Kevin as also helped grow the game in California where he was instrumental in running the SoCal Grand Prix event, which was so popular it became a major. He also has served on Design for Virtual Card sets and was a major part of the Reset Task Force.

Scott Lingrell


Enshrined: 8/8/2015
Scott has been the face of Star Wars CCG for longer than perhaps anyone else. From his days running the very successful SWCCG event of RamapoCon to his early involvement with the Players Committee, Scott served as a Design Advocate and then transitioned into the Lead Advocate, overseeing the PC’s activities and running this great game to survive several resets and leading it into continued prosperity. Yet despite the advancements he has directed under his leadership, from improving the design and development processes, including creating


Scott, with his Lifetime Achievement Award

design guidelines, to increasing tournament coverage and PC publicity, to streamlining and – essentially running - the Players Committee, Scott is perhaps one of the most-humble and genuine people you will ever meet. He is responsive to all members of the playing community and no one person has had more impact on the game in the PC era than Scott. This is why he received – directly from the players – a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011! He is, simply put, irreplaceable at the PC helm.

Chris Menzel


Enshrined: 8/8/2015
The Euro Emperor has essentially run SWCCG over in Europe, often hosting all of the majors and continuing to grow the community. Although he was the 2010 European Champion and ranked in the Top 8 four other times (2006, 2007, 2009, and 2012), Chris was deservedly entered into the game’s Hall of Fame for his remarkable ability to organize and lead a community of players with his grace and laughter. In helping to keep the game alive and flourishing across an entire continent, his dedication to growing the game is second to none.

He took over the organization of the German community in 2003, and shortly thereafter began to revive the game in other European countries, Chris’s organization of over 100 European tournaments ultimately lead up to the reemergence of the European Championships as a major event. In fact, Mr. Menzel was instrumental in bringing the 2012 World Championships to Europe, a monumental accomplishment arising out of his dedication – which included his willingness to help come up with very creative and exciting prize support to grow and maintain interest in the game.

Additionally, his online presence and helpful articles to players of all skill level have helped improve the gaming experience for everyone, both Europe and abroad. His tireless work on the game earned him a life time achievement award dedicated to him by the European players at Worlds 2012, earning him the Euro Emperor title. But, most importantly, Chris Menzel’s work has solidified two big communities for this game on two separate continents and helped to make it one large one.

Emil Wallin


Enshrined: 8/8/2015
A two-time World Champion (2014, 2012) and European Champion (2012, 2013) – as well as a perennial top 8 player in both World Championships (2013, 2015) and the European Championships (Top 2 in 2015), Emil had one of the single greatest years in Star Wars CCG history when he returned to the game in 2012, capturing the Swedish Nationals, the European Championship and the World Championship. Almost a myth, Emil’s gameplay is often miles above everyone else’s and his knowledge of the game state is second to none. Emil has also contributed tireless hours as part of the Player Committee’s Development Team where he continues to use his absolute mastery of this game to help shape its future. Without any doubt, Emil Wallin is an exceedingly skilled player but, more importantly, an incredibly valued member of this community.

Mark Walseth

Enshrined: 8/12/2017
In the year 2000 teacher Mark Walseth had started a Star Wars Program at the Middle School in Rosemount, which was about to become one of the cornerstones for our organization. He had a yearly 8th grade class that played and participated in tournaments Mark organized and hosted. There was an average of about 8-10 members per year, some of whom are still active and successful in the game almost 2 decades later. Mitch Nieland was in his first class, followed by Charlie Arlandson in the second, and Jake Nelson. He taught them the game, first by using 40 card Premiere decks, and later objectives and their related support cards, so that you could play at a higher level more quickly.  Mark would then teach you the phases, card interactions, and general tactics of the game. He held after school programs at least twice a week for 2 hours just teaching the game, letting people from all ages get together (whether it was the older players, or 8th graders).  It also taught you how to communicate with other people that you may not otherwise communicate with. He just did a fantastic job offering that space to all the kids who may not have had a place to play sports, etc.  Mark is one of the biggest Tournament Organizers in the World, and aside from the known formats, has also always created innovative new tournament formats or programs (Jedi Padawan Format, Bounty Hunters Format, Rosemount Championship, or an exchange system of volunteering time for rare cards).

Mark has been super generous, and has given away many thousands of dollars of cards to the kids over the years. As his own legendary prize and community support became more depleted, other parts of the community became aware of his project, and how he relentlessly helped his students and therefore “created” new players (there must be around 50+ different players that play the game in the Rosemount area on and off in the past years). The other communities started sending cards and prize to Mark with which he could continue to support the Bespin Region till his last class in 2016. His work is not at an end, though, and Mr. Walseth is working with the PC to transfer his program to an online version of it, which would allow us to reach even more young students as potential players, and offer them what Mark has so successfully done in 16 years in his area.

Matt Sokol

(left- Matt Sokol)

Enshrined: 4/27/2019

The last (and possibly greatest) World Champion of the Decipher Era, Matt Sokol has been a cornerstone of the Star Wars CCG community for decades.  Matt hasn't had the most success of the elite players (though certainly more than average), but has risen to the biggest challenges and shined in the brightest moments.  A founding member of Team Albany,  Matt didn't win his first major tournament until the 1998 Coruscant Regionals  which earned him a bid to the 1998 World Championships.  Though he didn't make the day 3 cut (mostly because his friends didn't break operatives) this was merely a rung on his climb to fame.
Designing the deck known infamously as "The Beast", Matt starting cleaning up in 2000, winning several tournaments (chief among them the 2000 Philly Grand Slam).  Matt rode this momentum to the biggest stage of them all.  In 2000 Matt made a miracle run through the World Championships.  Dominating the out rounds, Matt found himself in the finals against Yannick Lapointe.  Things seemed dire when Matt realized, in game one, that he had forgotten to include a Luke Skywalker in his deck.  Facing Bring Him Before Me, this was the equivalent of a crushing defeat.  For lesser players, the match would have been over, but Matt kept it close and in the second half trampled Yannick's Dagobah deck with ISB to become the 2000 World Champion.
As the Decipher era gave way to the era of the PC, Matt continued to show why he is a top player, making Day 3 five times at the World Championships (including a 4th place finish in 2015).  To this day Matt continues to exert his dominance as a top player, recently finishing first in swiss at the 2019 Endor Grand Prix.  When asked what he considered his biggest achievement in SWCCG?   Being a five-time Team Event Champion.  What Matt cherishes most about the game is getting to play with the friends he's made, something no amount of glass, trophies or championships could ever match.

Chris Gogolen

(Right- Chris Gogolen)

Enshrined: 4/27/2019

Chris Gogolen has been a competitive Star Wars ccg player for nearly 20 years.  In addition to winning the 2014 Philadelphia Premiere tournament, over the years Chris has made the Top 8 cut at the World Championships, US Nationals, Endor Grand Prix, Texas Mini-Worlds, and the Final Four of the Match Play Championship.  Add on a couple of Team tournament wins plus a handful of Sunday Consolation event victories, and you’d have a pretty solid playing career.

But where Chris has shined the most is through his volunteer work with the Players Committee, for which he was presented with Volunteer of the Year honors in 2013.  Chris has worked tirelessly behind the scenes for over a decade - organizing major events, running the PC store, streaming video content & providing commentary for major events on Twitch, and writing a series of New Player articles.  He has also served on the Tournament Committee for many years, and was a part of the Reset Task Force that overhauled the virtual card pool in 2014.  He then went on to spend several years working with Player Card development and the main Design & Development teams, before stepping back to focus his time on the PC Store and the Online Championship Series on GEMP.  Chris has been a valuable member of our community for a long time, and we are pleased to welcome him into the Star Wars CCG Players Committee Hall of Fame.



The following players, through their outstanding dedication and work for the game, have received the Volunteer Award. It would not be possible to enjoy SW CCG as we do it today without the websites, software and other tools that these volunteers have provided for the game.

2013: Chris Gogolen

2017: Jeremy Gardner
2017: Tom Marlin
2017: Troy Biesterfeld

2018: Kevin Jaap

2019: Jerry Heine