Center Of Tyranny Primer (Legacy)


What is Center Of Tyranny?
Center Of Tyranny (COT) is the lightside decktype that reenacts the events of the Second Mission to Coruscant following the death of Emperor Palpatine. The idea is to use recurrable rogue squadron pilots to dominate the ground and your space package (along with your opponent’s stolen ships) to dominate in space. This is an aggressive control deck that would rather fight than drain race.

The Center Of Tyranny objective along with associated core and helper cards was released early 2011. Initially, Rogue Squadron Pilots were all made spies, harder to hit with weapons and immune to attrition less than 4 on top of everything else outlined below. This essentially made the deck too strong for its meta and was toned down to what you see today. After being a major contender at Worlds 2011, several counter cards (Were Are You Taking This Thing; Cyborg Commander’s Lightsaber) were released to help combat the recursion tactics that Bacta Infirmary and Field Dressing wrought. To some, this pushed the deck into tier 2, and while it is still a very solid deck to play, many have moved on to other, seemingly stronger, decks.

This decktype did not survive the reset.


  • Overpowered characters
  • Recurrable characters
  • High average destiny (just over 3)
  • Ease of access to any card in the deck
  • Flexible in-game strategy
  • Efficient activation platform
  • Ability to steal opponent’s starships


  • Limited character pool

How to play:
Disabling the Shield (flipping) – Most COT decks use Rogue Squadron Tactics to upload Dessel and Wedge Antilles, Red Squadron Pilot. Deploying Wedge and any other rogue squadron pilot to the power plant will give you a decent amount of power and the ability to cancel opponent’s battle destiny there. This make it very difficult to clear those characters especially with tricks like Blast The Door Kid! and Field Dressing. By having any character at the power plant during your control phase you can attempt to disable the Planetary Shield by drawing destiny greater than 5 (adding 2 for each rogue present). Since COT typically has a high average destiny, flipping is almost a guarantee. Then, you get all the benefits of the flipside without the possibility of being able to be flipped back.

Basic Strategy – This deck is actually very simple: swarm your opponent and win battles. In fact, you don’t need to flip to be effective in battling as you play with characters that are (for the most part) deploy 2, forfeit 5, power 4, ability 2, defense value 4. Many of your rogues have unique abilities and/or can stack on Bacta Infirmary (which means they can be taken into your hand for reuse on a subsequent turn). Declaration Of Rebellion adds one to your total battle destiny, protects your rogue’s forfeit, and pulls Commando Training combo (which prevents your characters and starships from being lost before the conclusion of a battle). Your ability to battle successfully is greatly improved when you do flip, by adding 2 (instead of 1) to your total battle destiny, improved activation, the power to steal opponent’s starships, and conditional access to any card in your reserve deck.

In addition to be a strong battling deck, this deck can also turtle somewhat efficiently by dealing 6 damage a turn (5 with Resistance in effect) and being able to retrieve 2 a turn with Celebration while only controlling 3 Coruscant locations. When drain racing your opponent like this, you should have Menace Fades and Ultimatum in effect giving you the advantage you would need to win a drain race.

Building COT:
Core cards – Anger, Fear, Aggression (V), Center Of Tyranny/A Liberated World, Coruscant (V), Main Power Plant, Lower Passages, Rogue Insertion, Bacta Infirmary, Declaration Of Rebellion.

Choosing your starting effects – Most likely, you will want to start 3 effects with Heading For The Medical Frigate. The standard is to start Bacta Infirmary, Declaration Of Rebellion and Rogue Squadron Tactics (RST) with RST being substituted for another effect depending on the matchup.

Choosing locations – In addition to the locations you start, you’ll usually only see 2 additional locations: Dessel and the Jedi Council Chamber. This is typically sufficient to do everything you need to do. The Jedi Council Chamber can, once per game, verify your reserve deck, if needed.

Choosing characters – COT decks typically 17 to 20 characters, the vast majority being Rogue Squadron Pilots. Really, any combination of rogues will work, but here are a few that are better than others…
Wedge Antilles, Red Squadron Leader – He can cancel a battle destiny when paired with just about any character in your deck. He is also pullable with Rogue Squadron Tactics.Luke Skywalker, Rebel Hero – Pulls his gun, and together, can be very effective in removing someone from the table.
Veteran Rogue – Holds the distinction of being the only non-unique rogue squadron pilot and thus the only logical candidate to be used with Declaration Of Rebellion in protecting forfeit. 2 or 3 copies are standard.
Other rogues – Here is a complete list (with some notable features):

  • Biggs, Rogue Legend – high forfeit (6)
  • Commander Luke Skywalker – pullable with Echo Base Garrison
  • Commander Luke Skywalker (V) – pullable with Echo Base Garrison; pulls Echo Base Garrison
  • Commander Narra – destiny 3; adds 1 to attrition (which kills Zuckuss In Mist Hunter even when your battle destiny is reduced to 0); draws battle destiny if unable to otherwise
  • Commander Wedge Antilles – destiny 3; pullable with Echo Base Garrison
  • Commander Wedge Antilles (V) – destiny 3; pullable with Echo Base Garrison; can verify your deck; note that he cannot persona replace or be presona replaced by Wedge Antilles, RSL
  • Corran Horn – destiny 3; spy; breaks cover of opponent’s undercover spies
  • Dack Ralter (V) – heroic; forfeits to used pile
  • Dash Rendar (V) – destiny 3; limits opponent’s battle destinies while piloting
  • Derek ‘Hobbie’ Klivian – pullable with Echo Base Garrison
  • Derek ‘Hobbie’ Klivian (V) – pullable with Echo Base Garrison; carries a permanent weapon
  • Karie Neth
  • Kin Kian
  • Keir Santage – destiny 3
  • Luke Skywalker, Rebel Hero – see entry above
  • Luke Skywalker, Strong In The Force – not a good choice to include because he deploys for 8
  • Ten Numb (V) – destiny 3; conditionally draws battle destiny while piloting
  • Tycho Celchu – spy
  • Tycho Celchu (V) – spy; draws battle destiny while piloting
  • Veteran Rogue – see entry above
  • Wedge Antilles, Legendary Rogue – destiny 4
  • Wedge Antilles, Red Squadron Leader – see entry above
  • Wes Janson, Rogue Veteran – can verify your deck when deployed
  • Zev Senesca – pullable with Echo Base Garrison

Choosing starships – COT runs a more token space package and banks on stealing your opponent’s ships as a result of conflict. As a result, you’ll see 4 to 6 ships in a given decklist, usually consisting from a combination from the following…
Alderaan Consular Ship – This with Senator Leia can be the cornerstone for some COT space packages. It can be a beast with the combined boost to attrition and the bonuses from Declaration Of Rebellion (for a total attrition of 4 + battle destiny), full immunity to attrition, immunity to Lateral Damage and enough pilot slots to loop your pilots for the duration of the game.
Han, Chewie And The Falcon – Overpowered maintenance card. Need I say more?
Artoo-Detoo In Red 5 – Luke deploys for free aboard and about half of your pilots draw battle destiny while piloting. Then there’s Ten Numb (V) subtracting from your opponent’s power and the fact that Red 5 is destiny 7.
Red 6 – Cheaper alternative to Artoo-Detoo In Red 5, but also could be included instead of doubling up on R2 in Red 5. Destiny 6.
Obi-Wan In Radiant VII – Splashable space with a pilot slot. Anti-Maul/Maul’s ship and Zuckuss In Mist Hunter.
Tantive IV (V), Spiral, and/or Redemption (V) – Solid additions to a token space package. Though, I would recommend balancing the number of capital starships with starfighters. Heading For the Medical Frigate (V) can be retrieved into hand when you flip (if not shielded against) and then be used to upload Redemption (netting you one life force).

Choosing Weapons – Luke’s Blaster Pistol (V) is about the only non-permanent weapon that see any play in COT. Disruptor Pistol (to go on Wes) is also not a bad option as it shoots lost and is more recurrable (since it goes on a recurrable character).

Choosing interrupts
Yub, Yub, Commander! – Utility interrupt that is good to have in hand or in your reserve. Don’t be afraid to use this to download a character early on if you lack enough characters to keep the early pressure on. In fact, it may be better to use this to download a character instead of adding a battle destiny if you do not need to remove multiple characters to attrition (such as when battling a lone main) since an extra character can stack to be reused and you can put a destiny 5 back in your life force (if not grabbed). Against decks that capture with Special Delivery (V) or bounty hunters. It can allow you characters to stack on Infirmary instead of being captured (though sometimes you should let your opponent lose a force to capture with Special Delivery (V)).
Blast The Door Kid! – This can prevent your opponent from clearing you after you deploy to the power plant. It also has the potential to beat down a scrub by excluding his higher ability characters.
Houjix & Out Of Nowhere – allows you to battle even more aggressively. It is often a good idea to just hold this in your hand so that you don’t have to worry about spreading out or getting baited into a counterattack.
Antilles Maneuver & Rebel Reinforcements – Protection from Lateral Damage and one of your few means of retrieval which you should save and use on your last turn if the game goes to time.

Choosing effects
Field Dressing – This keep a character at the Power Plant even if your opponent is able to clear you from the site. Thus, allowing you to attempt to disable to shield on a subsequent turn.
Menace Fades – Since you play several Coruscant locations there is no reason not to play this.
Draw Their Fire – Since you try to battle your opponent off the table, a 2 force swing after several battles can add up after a while.
Echo Base Garrison – Pulls several rogue squadron pilots and can allow you to verify your deck if needed.
Commando Training & K’lor’slug – Really, this could have been listed as a core cards since it is necessary against mains and pullable with Declaration Of Rebellion (which you start).
Civil Disorder (V) – More of a meta choice but it can be very helpful against the Senate matchup and decks that counter your recursion mechanic.
Coruscant Celebration – You already are on Coruscant sites, start with Coruscant on the table and receive benefits from your objective by occupying the system. This effect is a natural fit.
Strikeforce (V) – A second grabber that can be used to alternately be used for retrieving one of you high destiny starships to then be tracked around.

Tips & Tricks:
Anti-anti-recursion – Special Delivery (V) can be a pain, but its not the the end of the world because you DON’T need Bacta Infirmary on table to win most games. Cyborg’s Saber can only hit one character per turn, and while this can add up after a bit, you play so many characters that this doesn’t even matter that much. We’re Are You Taking This… Thing? only impacts one character (which can be rough when it is used to trump your Field Dressing while trying to hold the Power Plant). Civil Disorder (V), Antilles Maneuver combo and Seeking An Audience (V) are all great alternatives to Bacta Infirmary and cost less too.

Stealing ships – ALWAYS steal your opponent’s ship when you have opportunity. You lose a force in order to gain a force so there is really no reason not to and there are usually very good benefits from doing so.

A Stunning Move – Preventing him from flipping is more important than you flipping. Blast The Door Kid! and Field Dressing can both keep your opponent from clearing you from Sidious’ site. Eventually, once your opponent start running out of resources, you should be able to flip. Rebel Reinforcements (retrieving characters that can be pulled with EBG), Civil Disorder (V) and Seeking An Audience (V) help minimize the potency of Cyborg Commander’s Lightsaber. Dack also gets around Cyborg’s saber, so upload and use him as frequently as possible (having him is very important). Removing Grievous will go along way in your winning this matchup. Cap his drains with Menace Fades (even your characters babysitting Sidious can help here). You need to keep him flipped to his 0 side to keep him from doing damage. Tips: Since all battleground sites are interior, try to get a beatdown in by excluding opponent’s high ability characters with Blast The Door Kid!. Save Luke and Corran in hand (if possible) in case Tatooine Maul blank’s your ability somewhere.

Assassins – They will flip and there is not much you can do about this. Just keep battling their characters off the table until you have board control. One thing you can do is choose not to deploy Wedge, RSL until he does flip so that he is not the one getting assassinated and he will be more useful. Tips: One Beautiful Thing is your grab.

Imperial Occupation (V) – Favorable matchup. With the errata to IOv requiring them to be no further than the third marker, this matchup has gotten a lot easier. Only drop 2 rogues to disable the shield (keep Wedge, RSL in hand) and attempt to flip. Normally, the dark side will be successful in blowing away the generator on their second turn. Once they flip, battle him on Hoth with all of your resources to try to whittle away at his characters. Hopefully, he will run out of characters before the game ends and you will be able to start dealing damage at his locations. You can go to Coruscant to satisfy Battle Order or if they deploy a starship there threatening a drain of 2, but other than that, I would commit your forces to clearing his ground presence. It is not advisable to attack them in space unless you are fairly confident you can remove them from space. With Executor leading their space armada, this will probably be a rare occurrence. Part of knowing what to do is knowing how to counter your opponent’s cards. By deploying in front of your opponent at a Hoth location, you might be able to keep Imperial Decree from limiting your drains or We’re In Attack Position Now from dealing you damage. Optionally, you can delay your flip to prevent him from flipping which will save you from some force loss and the extra deployment cost from the flip side of their objective. Once you solidify your position at the third marker, you can attempt to flip and satisfy Battle Plan/Order. Tips: Trample is your grab. Pull A Tragedy Has Occurred and Don’t Do That Again initially. Lose Commando Training combo instead of deploying it.

Set Your Course For Alderaan – 50/50 matchup. Start Menace Fades instead of Rogue Squadron Tactics. Deploy only 2 rogue squadron pilots to the power plant (preferably not Wedge, RSL) to attempt the blow. Setup at your sites and heavily at the Coruscant system to get Menace Fades going. Once you get ahead in the drain race, your opponent will be forced to spread at his systems to increase his damage output, at which time, start attacking him in space where he is vulnerable in an attempt to steal his star destroyers as they are forfeited. Luke and gun should try to take out Sidious at the docking bay. Commando Training combo prevents your starships from being lost to Relentless Pursuit and characters that draw a ‘battle destiny if not able to otherwise’ (along with opponent’s Kuat Drive Yards (V)) will trump They’ve Shut Down The Main Reactor. Their best chance at winning is by getting a successful beat down in (and they are very equipped to do so), so it is best to hold onto Houjix instead of using it to add a battle destiny. Tips: Pull Aim High, Simple Tricks and Allegations initially. Lose Dressel instead of deploying it. Grab Imperial Command, Force Field or Trample.

Hunt Down And Destroy the Jedi (V) – 50/50 matchup. Deploy in mass to the power plant (with Wedge and 2 other rogues preferably). Having Field Dressing or Blast The Door Kid! will help immensely if your opponent battles you at the power plant on his second turn. Taking damage from Vader or Galen’s lightsaber hitting your characters can add up after a while. Try to pull the JCC as you flip to get your activation going (as they will be force choking you hard).

Ralltiir Operations – Favorable matchup. Deploy 2 rogues to the power plant (keep Wedge, RST in hand) to attempt to disable the shield. Try to delay their flip on your second turn (if they have not already flipped) by deploying a ship and pilot (loaded ACS is best) to Dressel and move it over to Ralltiir. Winning or losing this matchup will largely be determined by your ability to keep their objective on its zero side. Occupying the Ralltiir system and two Ralltiir sites should be your goal. Alternatively, you can invade Ralltiir before flipping making it harder for them to gain a foothold. Tips: Pull Allegations and Let’s Keep A Little Optimism Here initially. Ghhhk is your grab.

Senate – 50/50 matchup if they play Special Delivery (V), otherwise, a favorable matchup. Start Civil Disorder (V) instead of Rogue Squadron Tactics. Start the power plant next to the Senate and after you flip move your characters to the Senate. Civil Disorder will force choke him quite a bit and when he does deploy Senators to the Senate, battle him there in an attempt to keep him flipped on his zero side. Look to get Wedge, Narra and Senator Leia to the Senate to up your base power (and attrition) and you also need to provide forfeit fodder. Menace Fades should also be a priority for you to get out but you don’t need to start it. He does have all the political effect tricks but with Menace Fades, Declaration Of Rebellion, Leia, Narra, and Infirmary, it is almost as if he simply negates your bonuses and nothing more. In the mid-game, you will want to flip and set up at the Coruscant system so that you can start dealing damage other than making characters hit the lost pile. Veteran Rogues are important in combating Maul With Saber.

Slavers – Unfavorable matchup. They can often match (or exceed) you in power and have the ability to somewhat negate looping with Bacta Infirmary (but go ahead and start it anyway because it helps your forfeit and Den Of Thieves combo only works once per turn). Who wins this game will largely be determined by who gets board control. Start by trying to flip your objective since they should be preoccupied trying to flip theirs. Depending on their board position when you flip, you should try to start contesting Kashyyyk battlegrounds (either upload Nabrun when you flip to battle if he left himself vulnerable or upload Consular Ship if the former is not a good option). He will have a lot of characters for you to eat through but so do you. Try to start draining at the Kashyyyk system for 2. Because this matchup will be so battle oriented, there is a good possibility that it could go to time. Tips: Pull Allegations initially and Aim High once Scum hits the table.

Invasion (Destroyer Droids) – Unfavorable matchup. Your weapons won’t hit anything and their’s won’t miss. As such, they are more than capable of winning this matchup if you go toe-to-toe on the ground and they don’t even have to flip to do it. A different approach needs to be taken. Start by going to space where he is weakest and contest Naboo once he flips. By devoting resources to space and starting a drain race, hopefully you can cause your opponent to spread out and leave himself vulnerable to a beatdown. Even if the battle damage gets Ghhhked this may give you a battleground in which to satisfy Battle Plan and you might be able to try again with Nabrun latter. If you get a Blast The Door Kid! in hand, you can drop 2 characters with ability greater than 2 to the power plant so you can cancel a battle on his turn and flip on your following turn. Tips: Beware Wounded Warrior and that is your grab.

Mistryl – Unfavorable matchup. These girls can mount some serious power and have lots of tricks of their own. Your problems will start with a force choke. Try to take out Shada with one of your weapons. Remember that Mara can use Vader’s Obsession to put you in a world of hurt so play cautiously (meaning it is safer to take out Shada than deploy Luke). Yub Yub can prevent EPP IG-88 from capturing your rogues and it is possible to use Blast The Door, Kid! for a surprise beatdown. This matchup will take practice as they are advantaged.

CCT (Iggy) – Classic mains and toys. Setup for your flip like normal. Houjix will be important to hold on to because there is no telling what trick you may encounter.

Spice Mine Operations – Favorable matchup. Simply take over the Extraction Facility to hinder their recursion, retrieval and drain bonuses. Start by trying to flip and then focus on taking over the extraction facility.

Sample decklist #1:
Starting: (11)
Anger, Fear, Aggression (V)
Center Of Tyranny/A Liberated World
Coruscant (SE) (V)
Coruscant: Main Power Plant
Coruscant: Lower Levels
Planetary Shield
Rogue Insertion
Heading For The Medical Frigate
Declaration of Rebellion
Rogue Squadron Tactics
Bacta Infirmary

Locations: (2)
Coruscant: Jedi Council Chamber

Characters: (18)
Commander Luke Skywalker (V)
Commander Wedge Antilles (V)
Wedge Antilles, Red Squadron Leader
Derek ‘Hobbie’ Klivian (V)
Zev Senesca
Commander Narra
Keir Santage
Tycho Celchu (V)
Dack Ralter (V)
Ten Numb (V)
Biggs, Rogue Legend
Corran Horn
Wes Janson, Rogue Veteran
Dash Rendar (V)
Veteran Rogue x2 – give 1 to CCT if needed
Senator Leia Organa
Lando Calrissian, Unlikely Hero

Starships: (6)
Alderaan Consular Ship
Lady Luck
Obi-Wan In Radiant VII
Artoo-Detoo In Red 5
Red 6

Vehicles: (1)
Rogue 1 – anti-HD, HDv, Invasion (DD) and Slavers

Weapons: (1)
Disruptor Pistol

Interrupts: (12)
Antilles Maneuver & Rebel Reinforcements
Desperate Reach (V)
Yub, Yub, Commander! x4
Houjix & Out Of Nowhere
Speak With The Council
Blast The Door Kid! x2
On The Edge
Nabrun Leids

Effects: (9)
Field Dressing
Menace Fades – start against SYCFA instead of Rogue Squadron Tactics
Echo Base Garrison
Commando Training & K’lor’slug – don’t deploy against Walkers
Civil Disorder (V) – start against Senate instead of Rogue Squadron Tactics; Start against CCT instead of Bacta Infirmary
Imperial Atrocity (V)
Coruscant Celebration
Strikeforce (V)
Flash Of Insight (V)