The Star Wars CCG Online Championship Series is here!

The Star Wars CCG Players' Committee is proud to present the next step in online play: The Star Wars CCG ...
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Demo Deck Expansion 2

The goal of the second demo deck expansion is mainly increasing the effectiveness. Of course there are some new things ...
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Set 8 Spoiler List

This is the complete spoiler list for set 8. Please note, as always any content is subject to change by ...
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Scomp Link Access Database

I am very happy to introduce you to our new Star Wars CCG Database “Scomp Link Access”. The great Tom ...
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Design Blog: Size and Schedule of Sets

Greetings SWCCG Players! Since we released the Set 7 spoiler, there has been lots of discussion on set size, frequency, ...
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Set 7 Released

Set 7 is here, and it features rebellious characters from Rogue One, Episode VII and the Rebels TV series. The ...
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Design Blog: CBT and Set 7

Greetings SWCCG Players! You all are long overdue for an update from me on Set 7. By now I think ...
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Decipher Cards Errata Update

We have finally done an extensive update on all the Decipher errata documents we have. There is a PDF that ...
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Looking For New Card Designers

Greetings SWCCG players, We have a very exciting announcement to share with you all! Design is looking to add some ...
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Set 6 Officially Released!

Greetings SWCCG Players! It is with great pleasure that the SWCCG PC can officially release Set 6. I would like ...
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