Data Tapes – 05 – The Unofficial NARP Defensive Shield Primer

Or, wow, I really just let him use that same Sense 3 times... [Updated: 05/29/18] Happy Star Wars day! I ...
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The NARP Fortnightly #20: New Cards and Demo Decks

Hi everyone, I know it hasn’t been a full fortnight since the last article, but I was asked to discuss ...
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Star Wars Demo Decks For Beginners

The Star Wars Demo Decks are finally here to explain the game to new or returning players (NARPS) in a ...
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The NARP Fortnightly #19: Design Advocate Matt Carulli

Hi everyone, This fortnight, I had the chance to talk to Matt Carulli (quickdraw3457), who leads the Player's Committee's Design ...
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The NARP Fortnightly #18: Deck Primer – Old Allies

Hi everyone, This fortnight, I’m going to do another deck primer, this time on the Old Allies objective. I chose ...
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Data Tapes – 04 – The Counter-Counter-Counter Beat

Or, how to not let getting ahead of yourself end up leaving you behind... Welcome back to Data Tapes, your ...
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The NARP Fortnightly #17: A Bird’s Eye View of the Meta – January 2017

Hi everyone, This is something I’d like to start doing periodically—perhaps two to four times a year. I’m going to ...
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The NARP Fortnightly #16: SWCCG Bracketology

Hi everyone, Yesterday, the bracket for the 2017 Match Play Championship was announced. For those who are unfamiliar with this ...
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The NARP Fortnightly #15: Unlimited Shields

Hi everyone, A lot has happened this fortnight! We got the official release of Set 5, as well as some ...
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Data Tapes – 02 – Going from 0 to… 30ish?

Or, Possibly Obvious Advice for New/Returning Players This week, we're not talking about what it takes to go pro. We're ...
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