Call for Applications – D&D Team and Player Card Dev Team

Greetings SWCCG players,

We have a very exciting announcement to share with you all! Design is looking to add some fresh and innovative minds to our respective Design Teams, and we are now accepting applications from players interested in lending their creative skills to the PC. This request is open to all players of any experience level.

We are looking for people with the following skills:

  • Demonstrated creativity in card design
  • Understanding of restrictions on design space, such as text limits, design guidelines, and potential negative interactions
  • Understanding of the game and meta
  • Knowledge and certain level of activity in playing the game
  • Ability to work well in a cross-functional role
  • Willingness to compromise, work well on a team
  • Frequent availability to contribute to discussion
  • In-depth familiarity with the larger Star Wars universe (primarily canon), especially the movies,TV shows, and recent novels/comics

Please provide the following information to no later than July 31.

1) Name and forum username

2) How long have you been playing SWCCG? Approximately how often do you currently play?

3) Approximately how much time do you spend on the forums per week?

4) What makes you a good fit for either the design and development team or the player card development team? What relevant experience do you have, or what do you bring to the table? Be as detailed and thorough in this explanation as possible.

5) Please provide the following design samples that you have created yourself, and that showcase your ability to be a good designer:

a) Main character

b) Useful utility interrupt

c) Location that currently does not exist in SWCCG

d) 5-7 card theme to introduce to SWCCG. This could be a completely new theme from any era in Star Wars, a revised version of a legacy theme, or a new, inventive way to play an existing decktype. You may not submit more than 7 cards for your theme. 2 sided cards only count for 1 card. Only provide the essential cards for the theme to function, such as locations, epic events, effects, or crucial characters. If you have all essential cards in < 7 cards, you may (but are not required to) submit optional additions as well.

e) One other card that you didn’t already provide above

Some of the positions looking to be filled are for the main Design and Development team (working with the other team members on designing and developing cards for the upcoming sets) and some are in the Player Card Development team (helping develop player card designs). Unless you specifically wish to exclude yourself from being considered for one of those positions, the Advocates will review your candidacy for both.

If you have specific questions about either role, feel free to PM the Design Advocate Chris Kelly at chriskelly.

Q: Does this role include creating images for cards?
A: No, that would be graphic design. This is strictly designing the cards’ game texts, stats, and names.

Q: What is the expected time commitment for this position?
A: You would be required to check and contribute to the design forums regularly (multiple times per week, preferably daily), but much of the work (designing cards) could be done offline and then posted to the design forums.

Thank you and MTFBWY!

Advocate Council