Announcing 2020 Online Play Week!

The Players Committee is happy to announce that it will be hosting Online Play Weekends 2020 from Friday July 10th through Sunday July 19th. Given the global lockdown and and in a similar nature to Local Tournament Weekend 2019, the expansion of the event over two weekends will hopefully encourage more players than ever to partake in this annual event.

This event is meant to encourage everyone to set aside a few hours and just play some Star Wars cards – of any format and at any competitive level (Casual, Sealed, Leagues, OCS, Boonta Eve Jawa Brawl, etc.). Players are encouraged to play games on Holotable or Gemp (or both)!

For those who might not be familiar with online play via Holotable or Gemp, information can be found here.

The current Online Championship Series (Year #3!) on Gemp makes it easier than ever to play some online games and get exclusive foil cards. But by also playing in the July OCS, you can work to obtain prizes for completing 8 or 12 games AND earn the exclusive Holo Foil cards all in one weekend! Information about the OCS can be found here.

If you are new to either of these platforms (i.e., Gemp & Holotable), do not be intimidated or discouraged from trying your hand at enjoying SWCCG in a new way! Simply tell your opponent you are new to the format and they will more than likely be helpful in walking you through the steps to play online. Most players are very patient and willing to help, as we all understand that once a new or returning player becomes familiar with the platform, it benefits the community as a whole!

To mark the occasion and as alluded to above, the Players Committee will reward those who participate in the online event with 2 special (physical) premium cards not available anywhere else (one Light Side character and one Dark Side character), as a thank you for participating in Online Play Weekends! These 2 images will also be digitally released via Gemp as special “Easter eggs” for Online Weekend for the whole community to enjoy virtually. The PC will also award ADDITIONAL exclusive AI Foils randomly to participants of the event! Since coronavirus has made it difficult to give away all of the event winner and tournament winner foils due to the lack of league and in-person events, we have decided to give out several of these for this special occasion; so, everyone has a chance to end up with a third foil!

Some of the past few years’ giveaway cards were the “Holo Foil” versions of these characters:

Given the high volume of Gemp games lately, it may not be necessary as in years past to post in this thread with the approximate time you will be online during the week, and the online program you will be using (either Gemp or Holotable), however you are welcome to do so. In order to receive the prizes described above: at some point during your game(s), please snap a screenshot of the game (hit Ctrl + Prt Scrn for most Windows users; Shift + Command + 3 for Mac users) and send an e-mail to with the following:

1. A copy of the screen shot from the game (or a link to that game in Gemp – see the Game History tab in Gemp).
2. A brief description of the game (including your opponent, the decks each player used and the result of the game).
3. Your forum name and either your Holotable or Gemp user name.
4. Your physical mailing address.

We’d also appreciate it if you included any unique events or accomplishments from your game in your brief write-up; whether you blew up the Blockade Flagship or completed Jedi Test #5 or even got a ton of Ewoks to beat up a Sith Lord. Feel free to post a copy of your mini game report in a topic in this forum.

Any questions, comments, or suggestions? Post here! We’re looking forward to making this event a success and enjoyable time for the whole community!

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