2021 Retro Event (PDS2) Coming Soon!

Announcing the 2021 Premiere-Death Star II Retro Event!

The 2021 Retro Event will be a competitive-but-open Star Wars CCG event held on GEMP (play.starwarsccg.org). It will be sanctioned by the Star Wars CCG Players’ Committee (“PC”) – i.e., supported via various means of sponsorship and prize support. The event will offer a rare opportunity for those that exclusively play in older formats, prefer older formats or simply enjoying playing older formats to participate in an organized, competitive, FREE event. With the Coronavirus pandemic unfortunately making live Star Wars CCG still not realistic in the very near future, this event can hopefully fill some of that void in a non-Standard (Open) format arena. Below are the key details, but be sure to check out the Retro Event 2021 Forum for all the details, including prize support, decklist ideas, floor rules and hot-topic discussion. Note that registrations have been open for a few weeks (40 registrants already!), but more recently the event logistics and prizes have been refined and solidified.

Qualifying Term (10 games): 40 days – Thursday, April 1st through Monday, May 10th
Match-Play Term (3 rounds-2 games per match): 19 days Wednesday, May 12th through Sunday, May 30th (subject to extension)

Registration Fee: NONE!

Games: 10 with a Top 8 cut-off to match-play (1 vs. 8, 2 vs. 7, etc). Going 9-1 guarantees at least a play-in game to move onto the Match Play stage:

Format: Premiere through Death Star II cards only (a.k.a, the meta from July 2000-October 2000). Note several cards are not coded on Gemp yet for this format – if they’re coded at the time you play a game in the Qualifying Stage, they’re legal. If a new card is coded during the match-play stage, it will be specifically not allowed and will result in disqualification. GEMP Missing Card List: viewtopic.php?f=964&t=64301

League Style: This will function like an Online Championship Series (“OCS”) month, but for 10 games instead of 12 and over the course of 40 days instead of ~30. Tables are posted “blind” and may be accepted by other registered players in the event. Like the OCS, any prove-able and/or overt attempt to schedule or coordinate games with your opponent to circumvent the intended “blind” nature of posting tables will be subject to disqualification. Accordingly, any overt attempts of playing games NOT in good faith will be subject to review and if egregious, disqualification. Players may play up to 5 games per side during the 40-day term (maximum of 1 game per side against a particular opponent). Total points will determine final standings (3 points for a win, 1 points for a loss), with Opp. Win. % (“Strength-of-Schedule”/”SOS”) serving as the tiebreaker. This means that going 9-1 will result in more points than going 9-0, so play the maximum games if you wish to maximize your standing. Differential will not matter – just total points via wins and losses.

Deck Selection: You may change any or all of your decks between games (and rounds of match play).

Timer: 45-minute Chess Clock (timer extensions will not be allowed). Action Timer is 5 minutes. Your opponent is under no obligation to grant disabling of the Action Timer. Please do your best to be free of distractions/interruptions when you post or join a table.

Prize Support: For participation and performance. See this string, which may be updated in the lead-up the event; finalization will occur on March 21st (~10 days before event start, ~1 week before registration closes).

Player Restrictions: None – all players may participate (1 Gemp user ID per person).

How to register:
The following three questions must be answered and sent via Private Message on the Forums to Jnapolit31 or e-mailed to leagues@starwarsccg.org. PLEASE INCLUDE “PDS2” in the Subject. Deadline is Monday, March 29th.

1. First & last name,
2. *Case-sensitive* Gemp user ID,
3. Physical mailing address if you’d like to receive physical prize support.

You will then be added to the event GEMP league.

Event Organizer/Tournament Director: Jared Napolitano (Jnapolit31)
Back-up Tournament Director: Bill Kafer (TacoBill)