2021 Online Championship Series – Registration OPEN!

The fourth annual Star Wars CCG Online Championship Series (“OCS”) opened registration on January 11th and the season will commence on February 1st. Players can sign up on a month-by-month basis or purchase a full-season pass (up to 72 games) for a discount through the Players Committee (“PC”) Store. The OCS is the most competitive online event that the PC holds, where players attempt to qualify for a playoff for which there are 2 allotted bids awarded for each month, as well as 4 seasonal at-large bids.

The OCS began in 2018 as a competitive event conducted through Gemp – play.starwarsccg.org. Players of any skill or experience level can sign up for the event, which started as an 8-month event in 2018, but changed to 7 months for 2019 and 2020, and will be 6 months in 2021. Responding to feedback from the community, instead of 7 consecutive months, the season will now be split in 2 and have “off-months” while other SWCCG major events take place, making for a more denser OCS. Timers will also be slightly shorter (45:00 per player instead of 50:00), and 4 scheduled at-large bids will be award instead of 2. As always, games may be played whenever a player is willing and able within each month, from the comforts of their home.

A 16-player match-play playoff will take place in the Fall, after all of the monthly and at-large spots have been claimed. The PC will award prize support for participation and performance – just be sure to play at least 8 games per month (or 12 if you want to maximize your participation rewards).

The full details of the event can be found in a Forums thread linked below.

Let’s see if 2021 will have even more than the 103 participants who averaged 48 games each the 2020 OCS had! Good luck to everyone who signs up!

Prior OCS Final Confrontations:

2018 – Justin Desai def. Mike Gemme

2019 – Bastian Winkelhaus def. Justin Branch

2020 – Justin Desai def. Paul Myers

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