25th World Championship- Final Schedule & Information

Thank you for all of your feedback regarding the unique format we have planned for the 25th World Championship! I’m pleased to announce the schedule and final details for this event. If you are interested in playing, be sure to register now! You have until November 25th to register, at which time we will need to close registration to finalize the pods.

The cost to play is $25, or perhaps free if you place well in a Road to Worlds event! Be sure to note on your registration your first and second choice of Day 1 heat times- we will do our best to accommodate all such requests, within reason, including rebalancing pods and possibly having multiple pods starting at a given time, if that time is extremely popular. While we cannot enforce this as a rule, PLEASE do not discuss or share your heat choices with others, as it can lead to potential advantages when others choose theirs.

-November 25, 11:59 PM EST: Registration closes
-November 27: Heat information is posted: a roster for each heat, as well as whether any heats have been removed or added
-December 4, 12:01 AM EST: All Day 1 decklists (for all heats) are due to decklists@starwarsccg.org
-December 5 & 6: Day 1 Heats (see below)
-December 11, 12:01 AM EST: All Day 2 decklists are due to decklists@starwarsccg.org
-December 12, 10:00 AM EST: Day 2 games begin
-December 13, 9:00 AM EST: All Day 3 decklists are due to decklists@starwarsccg.org
-December 13, 9:00 AM EST: Day 3 matchups are drawn
-December 13, 10:00 AM EST: Day 3 games begin

Heats and Advancement
Day 1: December 5 & 6
•Open to everyone
•Each player will have their choice of 4 different start times over the course of the first weekend (December 5-6). When you register, you will be asked for your first and second choices of pod to play in (people in the EST time-zone will be asked for their third as well.) We will guarantee that you will be in one of those pods. We’re going to do our best to rebalance these pods (based on choice of start time, not strength of players) so that there are roughly even numbers in each pod. Also note that if a pod seems uniquely unpopular or there are not enough people, we reserve the right to contract/remove pods as necessary. All pod pairings and times will be finalized well in advance.
•The rough start times for these pods are:
-Saturday at 4am EST
-Saturday at 10am EST
-Sunday at 7am EST
-Sunday at 1pm EST
•Players will play a 6-game SOS tournament on Day 1, and anyone who finishes 4-2 or better will advance to Day 2.

Day 2: December 12
•Open to Day 1 qualifiers
•4-game SOS tournament starting at/around 10am EST
•Players will start the tournament with their record from Day 1 intact (for example, if you went 6-0 in Day 1, and won Game 1 on Day 2, you would be considered 7-0). Players will also retain their SoS scores from Day 1 play into Day 2. NOTE: Players MAY play the same person with the same side of the Force during their Day 1 pod and during Day 2 Swiss play. This will be mitigated by the players’ ability to change to a different deck for Day 2.
•The top 8 players from Day 2 after 10 total games will move on to Day 3

Day 3: December 13
•Open to Day 2 qualifiers
•Match play tournament starting at/around 10am EST
•Standard top-8 rules will be in effect (random player 1-4 will play random player 5-8, etc), and the pairings will be randomized as shown on the schedule above.

Additional notes
•Players will choose 1 DS and 1 LS for each day that play, so they may change decks between days (ie. You play IE on Day 1, you can switch to Hunt Down on Day 2 and Map on Day 3, if you wanted)
•Decks will not be posted for any day until the conclusion of Day 3

Prize Pool
There will be quite a few prizes and giveaways to celebrate the 25th World Championship that we aren’t quite ready to reveal yet, but here are the cash payouts:
1st place: $1,800
2nd place: $900
3rd-4th place: $400
5th-8th place: $200

We are greatly looking forward to this event, and we hope that you all are too! If you have any questions not answered above, please email tournaments@starwarsccg.org or scott@starwarsccg.org