2020 TMW Scott Lingrell DS CCT

Knowledge And Defense (V)
Carbon Chamber Testing
Cloud City: Carbonite Chamber
Cloud City: Security Tower (V)
Carbonite Chamber Console (V)
Jabba’s Prize
Any Methods Necessary
Jabba’s Palace: Dungeon
Despair (V)
Boba Fett (V)
Boba Fett’s Blaster Rifle (V)

2x Ak-rev
2x Arica (V)
Aurra Sing With Blaster Rifle
Barquin D’an
Daroe (V)
Ephant Mon
2x Greeata
Greedo (V)
Jabba The Hutt
Lady Proxima
2x Lirin Car’n
2x Lyn Me
Nizuc Bek
2x Rappertunie
2x Rystall
Sy Snootles
Tech Mo’r
2x Umpass-stay
IG-88 (V)
Lord Maul With Lightsaber

Imperial Decree (V)
Jabba’s Haven
Scum And Villainy
Search And Destroy

Blow Parried
Cold Feet (V)
Elis Helrot
Force Push (V)
Ghhhk & Those Rebels Won’t Escape Us
He’s All Yours, Bounty Hunter (V)
Imbalance & Kintan Strider
Imperial Barrier
Lana Dobreed & Sacrifice
None Shall Pass
Ommni Box & It’s Worse
Oo-ta Goo-ta, Solo? (V)
Stunning Leader
We Have A Prisoner

Jabba’s Palace: Audience Chamber
Nal Hutta

Maul’s Sith Infiltrator (AI)