2020 TMW Matthew Harrison-Trainor LS QMC

Quiet Mining Colony
Cloud City: Guest Quarters
Heading For The Medical Frigate
Beldon’s Eye & All My Urchins
Keeping The Empire Out Forever
Wokling (V)
Anger, Fear, Aggression (V)

Ellorrs Madak, Pilot Instructor
General Jar Jar (AI)
Harc Seff (V)
Kal’Falnl C’ndros
Lando Calrissian (V)
Lobot (V)
Maz Kanata
Pucumir Thryss
Yoxgit (V)
2x Luke Skywalker, The Last Jedi
Yoda, Keeper Of The Peace
Admiral Ackbar (V)
Admiral Raddus
Ahsoka Tano
Captain Cassian Andor
Captain Yutani With Blaster Cannon
Galen Erso
Obi-Wan With Lightsaber
General Leia Organa
Rey With Lightsaber

Cloud City Celebration

A Jedi’s Resilience
2x Ascension Guns (V)
Houjix & Out Of Nowhere
It’s A Hit!
Path Of Least Resistance
5x Rebel Barrier
4x Rebel Leadership (V)
5x Rescue In The Clouds (V)
Where’s Han?

Cloud City: North Corridor
Cloud City: Platform 327 (Docking Bay)
Cloud City: Upper Plaza Corridor
Cloud City: West Gallery
Home One: War Room

Han, Chewie, And The Falcon (V)
Home One
Wedge In Red Squadron 1