2019 NAC Day 1 Adam Schellberg DS Court

Court Of The Vile Gangster/I Shall Enjoy Watching You Die
Jabba’s Palace: Audience Chamber
Tatooine: Great Pit Of Carkoon
Jabba’s Palace: Dungeon
Prepared Defenses
Battle Order & First Strike
Jabba’s Haven
Wipe Them Out, All Of Them

2x Boba Fett, Bounty Hunter
Bossk (V)
Cad Bane
Chall Bekan
Dengar With Blaster Carbine (V)
Dr. Chelli Lona Aphra
Dr. Evazan
2x Greedo (V)
Jabba The Hutt (V)
Jango Fett
Jodo Kast
Lady Proxima
Mara Jade With Lightsaber
Ponda Baba (V)
Prince Xizor
Ree-Yees (V)
Velken Tezeri (V)
Wooof (V)
Zam Wesell
4-LOM With Concussion Rifle
IG-88 With Riot Gun

Knowledge And Defense (V)
No Escape
2x Scum And Villainy
2x Cease Fire!
Cold Feet (V)
2x Ghhhk & Those Rebels Won’t Escape Us
2x Hidden Weapons
I Can’t Shake Him! (V)
3x Imperial Barrier
Lana Dobreed & Sacrifice
Oo-ta Goo-ta, Solo? (V)
3x Twi’lek Advisor (V)

Coruscant: Docking Bay
Executor: Docking Bay
Jabba’s Sail Barge: Passenger Deck
Nal Hutta

Elis In Hinthra
Jabba’s Space Cruiser (V)