2018 MPC Day 1 Brian Fred ISB

ISB Operations/The Empire’s Sinister Agents
Coruscant v
Prepared Defenses (+3 Effects)
Knowledge And Defense v

4-LOM With Concussion Rifle v
Admiral Ozzel
Agent Kallus x2
Boba Fett v
Colonel Wullf Yularen v x2
Corporal Vandolay v
Darth Vader, The Emperor’s Enforcer x2
General Nevar
Grand Admiral Thrawn v
Lt. Pol Treidum v
Lieutenant Renz
Officer Evax
Stormtrooper Garrison x4
Tarkin v x2
Ysanne Isard

Crush The Rebellion
Endor Shield v
Field Promotion x3
Imperial Arrest Order
Presence Of The Force
Tarkin’s Bounty v

Close Call v
Cold Feet v
Double Back v x3
Evader & Monnok
Force Push v
Imperial Command x2
Short Range Fighters & Watch Your Back x2
Sonic Bombardment v x3
Trooper Sabacc
We Must Accelerate Our Plans x3

Blockade Flagship: Bridge
Cloud City: Downtown Plaza
Cloud City: Security Tower v
Coruscant: Docking Bay
Death Star II: Docking Bay
Executor: Docking Bay

Dengar In Punishing One
Slave I, Symbol of Fear