2018 EGP Mike Turner HB

Hidden Base/Systems Will Slip Through Your Fingers
Rendezvous Point
Heading For The Medical Frigate
Superficial Damage
A New Secret Base (V)
Wokling (V)
Anger, Fear, Aggression (V)

[Admiral’s Order]
Concentrate All Fire (x2)

Luke Skywalker (V)
Lando Calrissian, Scoundrel

Projection Of A Skywalker (x2)
Slayn & Korpil Facilities
What Chance Do We Have?

Hit And Run
Control & Tunnel Vision
Combined Attack
Power Pivot
Rebel Artillery
Rebel Barrier (x2)
Rapid Fire
It Could Be Worse
The Bith Shuffle & Desperate Reach
All Wings Report In
Stay Sharp! (x2)
We Wish To Board At Once
Steady Aim
Hear Me Baby, Hold Together (V)
It’s A Hit!
Alter (Premiere) (V)
Yoda Stew & *You Do Have Your Moments

Nar Shaddaa
Anoat (V)

Acclamator-Class Assault Ship
Blue Squadron B-wing (x3)
Wedge In Red Squadron 1
Tycho In Green Squadron 3
Red 8 (V)
Obi-Wan in Radiant VII
Gold Leader In Gold 1 (V)
Green Leader In Green Squadron 1
Corran Horn In Rogue 9
Han, Chewie, And The Falcon (V)

X-wing Laser Cannon (x2)
Concussion Missiles (x3)
Intruder Missile (x2)