2017 MPC Ryan Jellison Day 2 DS ISB

ISB Operations/Empire’s Sinister Agents (1 starting)
*Coruscant: Imperial Square (1 starting)
*Prepared Defenses (1 starting)
Establish Control (V) (1 starting)
*Imperial Arrest Order & *Secret Plans (1 starting)
*Combat Response (V) (1 starting)
*Knowledge And Defense (V) (1 starting)

[Admiral’s Order]
*Fighters Coming In
*Battle Deployment

*Emperor Palpatine (x2)
*5D6-RA-7 (Fivedesix) (V)
*Lt. Pol Treidum (V) (x2)
*General Veers (V)
*Colonel Wullf Yularen (V)
*Maarek Stele, The Emperor’s Reach
*Corporal Vandolay (V)
*Corporal Oberk
*Captain Jonus (x2)
*Agent Kallus (x2)
*Admiral Ozzel (x2)
*Tarkin (V)
*Darth Vader (V)
*Baron Soontir Fel
*Sergeant Barich

Imperial Decree (V)

*We Must Accelerate Our Plans (x3)
*Masterful Move & *Endor Occupation
*Imperial Command (x2)
Cold Feet (V)
*I Can’t Shake Him! (V) (x2)
*Close Call (V) (x2)
*Short Range Fighters & *Watch Your Back! (x2)

*Coruscant: Docking Bay
*Executor: Docking Bay
*Blockade Flagship: Bridge
<>Spaceport Docking Bay

*Vader’s Personal Shuttle (V)
*Scimitar 2
*Black 2 (V)
*Saber 1
*Emperor’s Personal Shuttle

*Tempest 1
*Blizzard 4
*Blizzard 2 (V)
*Blizzard 1