2017 MPC Justin Desai Day 2 DS TTO

Endor Operations/Imperial Outpost (1 starting)
*Endor (1 starting)
*Endor: Landing Platform (Docking Bay) (1 starting)
*Endor: Bunker (1 starting)
*Operational As Planned (1 starting)
*Death Star II (1 starting)
*Moff Jerjerrod (1 starting)
*Combat Response (V) (1 starting)
*Knowledge And Defense (V) (1 starting)

[Admiral’s Order]
*Black Sun Fleet (x2)

*Bossk (V)
*Count Dooku
*Darth Vader (V)
*Chief Bast (x2)
*Admiral Ozzel
*Baron Soontir Fel
*Major Mianda
*Grand Moff Tarkin (V)
*Darth Maul (x2)

*Something Special Planned For Them (V)
*Endor Shield (V)
*We Shall Double Our Efforts!
*No Escape
*Kuat Drive Yards (V)
Imperial Decree (V)

[Epic Event]
*That Thing’s Operational

Control & Set For Stun (x2)
*Force Push (V) (x2)
*Imperial Command
*A Dark Time For The Rebellion (V) (x2)
Turn It Off! Turn It Off! (V)
Ghhhk & Those Rebels Won’t Escape Us
*Tarkin’s Orders
*Short Range Fighters & *Watch Your Back! (x3)
Surface Defense (V) (x2)

*Death Star II: Coolant Shaft
*Death Star II: Capacitors
*Death Star II: Reactor Core

*Hound’s Tooth (V)
*Saber 1
*Maul’s Sith Infiltrator (x2)
*Black 2 (V)
*Vader’s Personal Shuttle (V)
*Zuckuss In Mist Hunter
*Scythe 1

Superlaser Mark II
SFS L-s7.2 TIE Cannon