2017 Endor Day 1 Jacy Smith LS

Diplomatic Mission To Alderaan/A Weakness Can Be Found
*Tatooine: Dune Sea
*Tantive IV (V)
*R2-D2 & *C-3PO
*Stolen Data Tapes
Don’t Tread On Me (V)
*Anger, Fear, Aggression (V)

[Admiral’s Order]
*Combined Fleet Action (x3)

*Phylo Gandish
*Harc Seff (V)
*Chewie With Bowcaster
*Ben Kenobi
*Commander Wedge Antilles (V)
Incom Engineer
*Lando Calrissian, Scoundrel
*Corran Horn
*Luke Skywalker (V)
*Kanan Jarrus
*Princess Leia (V)
*Captain Hera Syndulla
*Captain Raymus Antilles
*Bail Organa
*Anakin Skywalker, Padawan Learner
*Poe Dameron

*Mantellian Savrip
**Projection Of A Skywalker
*Leia Of Alderaan (V)
Evacuation Control (V)
*Tatooine Celebration (x2)

*Artoo, I Have A Bad Feeling About This
Old Ben
Control & Tunnel Vision
*Antilles Maneuver (V) (x2)
Escape Pod & We’re Doomed
Rebel Barrier (x2)
Out Of Commission & Transmission Terminated
*It’s A Trap!
Alter (Premiere) (V)
*The Signal

*Jabba’s Palace: Entrance Cavern
*Tatooine: City Outskirts
*Tatooine: Jundland Wastes
***Tatooine: Desert


*Dash in Rogue 10
Sandspeeder (x4)
*Rogue 3