2016 Worlds Day 2 Stephen Cellucci LS

We Have A Plan/They Will Be Lost And Confused
Naboo: Theed Palace Throne Room
Naboo: Theed Palace Hallway (V)
Naboo: Theed Palace Courtyard
Heading For The Medical Frigate
We’ll Take The Long Way
Squadron Assignments
Wokling (V)
Anger, Fear, Aggression (V)

Admiral’s Orders:
I’ll Take The Leader (x2)

Harc Seff (V)
Threepio With His Parts Showing
Yoda, Master Of The Force
Qui-Gon Jinn With Lightsaber (x2)
Mace Windu (V) (x2)
Captain Rex, 501st Legion (x2)
Jerus Jannick (x2)
Anakin Skywalker, Padawan Learner
Officer Dolphe
Sio Bibble
Queen Amidala (x2)
Panaka, Protector Of The Queen
Ric Olie, Bravo Leader

Projection Of A Skywalker

Control & Tunnel Vision
Alternatives To Fighting
Quite A Mercenary
Nabrun Leids
Ascension Guns (V) (x2)
Sense (x2)
Put That Down (V)
We’re Doomed
It Could Be Worse
Free Ride & *Endor Celebration
Wesa Gotta Grand Army (x2)
All Wings Report In & *Darklighter Spin (x2)
Were You Looking For Me?
Jedi Levitation (V)
Sorry About The Mess & *Blaster Proficiency
Keep Your Eyes Open (V) (x2)

Naboo: Boss Nass’ Chambers

Obi-Wan in Radiant VII
Bravo 1
Bravo 2
Bravo Fighter (V)
Azure Angel

Mace Windu’s Lightsaber

Defensive Shields:
Aim High
Don’t Do That Again (V)
A Tragedy Has Occurred
Only Jedi Carry That Weapon
Simple Tricks And Nonsense
Wise Advice
Affect Mind (V)
He Can Go About His Business
Battle Plan
Planetary Defenses (V)
The Republic No Longer Functions
Your Insight Serves You Well (V)
Yavin Sentry (V)
Weapons Display (V)