2015 MPC Steve Brentson LS TIGIH

2015 MPC
Day 1 LS
Steve Brentson

Anger, Fear, Aggression (V)
There Is Good In Him / I Can Save Him
Endor: Chief Chirpa’s Hut
Luke Skywalker, Rebel Scout (V)
Luke’s Lightsaber
Endor: Landing Platform (Docking Bay)
I Feel The Conflict
Don’t Tread On Me (V)

Coruscant: Jedi Council Chamber
Naboo: Battle Plains
Naboo: Boss Nass’ Chambers

Anakin Skywalker, Padawan Learner
Lando Calrissian, Scoundrel x2
Leia, Rebel Princess
Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight
Mace Windu (V)
Obi-Wan With Lightsaber x2
Qui-Gon Jinn With Lightsaber x2
Threepio With His Parts Showing

Han, Chewie, And The Falcon

Anakin’s Lightsaber
Mace Windu’s Lightsaber

Civil Disorder (V)
Draw Their Fire

A Jedi’s Resilience x3
Blaster Deflection
Escape Pod (V)
Free Ride & Endor Celebration
Hear Me Baby, Hold Together (V)
Impressive, Most Impressive (V) x2
It Could Be Worse
Nabrun Leids x2
Sense x2
Smoke Screen x3
Sorry About The Mess & Blaster Proficiency x2
Speak With The Jedi Council x2
Weapon Levitation x2
We’re Doomed
Were You Looking For Me?
Wesa Gotta Grand Army x3

Defensive Shields:
A Tragedy Has Occurred
Aim High
Battle Plan
Don’t Do That Again (V)
He Can Go About His Business
Let’s Keep A Little Optimism Here
Only Jedi Carry That Weapon
Ounee Ta
Planetary Defenses
Simple Tricks And Nonsense
The Republic No Longer Functions
Weapons Display (V)
Your Insight Serves You Well (V)