2015 European Championship Day 2 23rd Place DS Julian-Andrés Smolarek BHBM

2015 European Championship Day 2
23rd Place DS
Julian-Andrés Smolarek

Knowledge And Defense (V) (+Defensive Shields)
Bring Him Before Me/Take Your Father’s Place
Death Star II: Throne Room
Insignificant Rebellion
Your Destiny
Surface Defense (V) (12 card starting hand)

Blockade Flagship: Bridge
Blockade Flagship: Hallway
Cloud City: Security Tower (V)
Hoth: Defensive Perimeter

Boba Fett, Bounty Hunter
Count Dooku x2
Darth Maul With Lightsaber x3
Darth Vader With Lightsaber x3
Dengar With Blaster Carbine (V)
Dr. Evazan & Ponda Baba
Emperor Palpatine
Grand Moff Tarkin (V)
Mara Jade With Lightsaber
Sith Probe Droid (V) x2
Wooof (V)

Bossk In Hound’s Tooth (V)
Dengar In Punishing One
Elis In Hinthra
Maul’s Sith Infiltrator
Zuckuss In Mist Hunter

Ability, Ability, Ability (V)
Blast Door Controls
Emperor’s Power
First Strike
No Escape
Search And Destroy
The Phantom Menace

Close Call (V)
Dark Maneuvers x2
Force Field (V) x2
Force Lightning x2
Force Push (V)
Masterful Move & Endor Occupation
Maul Strikes
Neimoidian Advisor
Sith Fury (V)
Sonic Bombardment x2
Turn It Off! Turn It Off! (V)
We Must Accelerate Our Plans x3

Defensive Shields:
A Useless Gesture (V)
Allegations Of Corruption
Battle Order
Come Here You Big Coward
Death Star Sentry (V)
Do They Have A Code Clearance?
Fanfare (V)
Firepower (V)
I Find Your Lack Of Faith Disturbing (V)
Oppressive Enforcement
Secret Plans
There Is No Try
Vote Of No Confidence
You Cannot Hide Forever (V)